How to clean my spectacles

Oxsight expert describes how smart glasses aid visually impaired

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Glasses are one of many options open to people who have reduced eyesight. Usually, they are the cheapest and most trustworthy, given the relative expensiveness and disposability of corrective surgery and contact lenses. But they’re not foolproof, as not caring for them properly can result in a range of debilitating symptoms.

How to clean your spectacles

Keeping glasses clean is simple and shouldn’t take too long, according to experts.

They state the whole process should take no longer than 20 seconds.

But people must ensure they have the right materials and methods to clean before they start.


Most manufacturers sell glasses complete with a basic cleaning kit.

The necessary tools include a microfibre cloth and cleaning solutions.

The cloth is the most vital part, as the fabric provides a smooth clean without scratching lenses.

They work well both with and without a dash of cleaning solution.

Glasses manufacturers won’t necessarily include cleaning solution with each purchase, especially for non-prescription glasses.

But they are made specifically to suit polycarbonate lenses, once again preventing damage.

Those without access to this solution can use dish soap, which creates similar results.

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People should wash their hands before they start cleaning, as they can transfer germs and grease.

Those living in an area with hard water should use distilled water to clean off base grime, while others may use tap water.

Then, spray the glasses on both sides with the cleaning solution once.

Those using dish soap should only add one drop to each side of the lense.

Holding the microfibre cloth between the thumb and forefinger, clean the lenses in a circular motion.

People should give their glasses a rinse afterwards if using dish soap.

For maximum clarity, shake rather than wipe the glasses down to dry.

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