Household clutter could earn you up to £4,000 if you sell these items online

Clutter experts have revealed the most sought-after household items and how much money we could get if we flog them.

Many Brits are looking to make some extra cash in the wake of the energy cost crisis and with fuel prices skyrocketing.

And, de-cluttering your home will not only give you a nice, fresh space to spring clean, but could make you some extra money.

According to self-storage experts at Space Station the average UK home contains £4,000 of unwanted items.

They explained which second hand items are the most popular for buyers based on Google trends – and what to do with things you do want to keep.

Furniture – 27,000 monthly searches

Second-hand furniture was the most popular second-hand item people were looking to buy, with an average of 27,200 monthly Google searches in the last 12 months .

Sofas have proved to be the most sought-after piece of furniture, commanding just under 5,000 (4,600) monthly searches alone on average.

The summer of 2020 was a particularly profitable time to sell your old sofa, with over 6,000 (6,108) looking to get their hands on one in August last year.

Selling your furniture is a great way to free up space around the home, with items such as old beds, sofas and tables occupying a lot of room by their bulky nature.

Ebay is a terrific way to sell off furniture and you won’t be short of buyers, with second-hand furniture searches ranking higher than any other household item with 27,000 monthly searches in the last year on the popular selling platform.

Not only that, but you stand to gain more than just a couple of quid for flogging your old sofa, which sell for an average of £208 online.

Books – 24,400 monthly searches

If reading is your passion, you’re likely to amass a significant collection of literature over the years, which will end up taking up plenty of room at home.

Whether it’s fact, fiction or old textbooks you no longer have use for, selling them online should be fairly straight forward, with 24,400 people searching for second-hand books every month in the last year.

The average book goes for £3.39 on eBay so, depending on how big your collection of old books is selling in mass could accumulate a nice sum of money whilst freeing up plenty of space too.

Golf clubs – 13,900 monthly searches

If you once fancied yourself as the next Rory McIlroy but have lost interest in practicing your swing even when lockdown ends, a set of clubs would be in high demand online, with just under 14,000 (13,900) people a month looking to get hold of some second-hand.

If your clubs are in good condition, you’ll get a fair price and, with them being so bulky, should free up plenty of space in the spare room or garage too.

A full set of clubs in good condition sell for £123 on average online, which is a nice little cash boost whilst freeing up space at the same time.

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Vlatka Lake, marketing manager at Space Station, commented: “Selling some of your unwanted items from around the home can be a great way to make a bit of extra cash.

“However, sometimes there are things you just can’t bear to part with and hanging on to belongings with a particular emotional or sentimental value is understandable.

“If you’re keen to keep hold of precious family heirlooms but realistically don’t have room at home, you may want to consider investing in some external storage nearby.

“You’ll find a lot of localised options which certainly won’t break the bank and will save you a lot of space in the long run.”

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