Hot Finnish Teemu Nicki Adventure Comedy ‘Snot & Splash’ Unveils Trailer (EXCLUSIVE)

In the lead up to its January theatrical release in Scandinavia and in Italy next Spring, Finnish adventure comedy “Snot & Splash: The Mystery of Disappearing Holes” (“Räkä ja Roiskis”) is sharing its trailer exclusively in Variety.

FilmSharks CEO Guido Rud, who picked up world sales rights to the children’s film at the Locarno Film Festival in August, said: “Finnish cinema is known for having a high level of creativity, but a fantasy/adventure film like this one with a super refreshing plot is bound to be well received in cinemas, platforms and festivals, some of which have already booked the film from summer to the fall.”

The family film from director Teemu Nikki is produced by It’s Alive Films, founded by Nikki and Jani Pösö, and displays the dark, witty humor of his previous films, including “The Player,” “The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic,” “Nimby,” sci-fi comedy “LoveMilla” and “Euthanizer,” Finland’s Oscar submission in 2019. Poland’s Orka and Post Control Helsinki are co-producers.

The trailer’s opening scene promptly reveals the theme of the film as a train car chugs through a snowy landscape, a blond boy looks out the window and sees a fridge falling from the sky. “That’s climate change for you,” quips a voice behind him. 

Based on the books by Juice Leskinen and a screenplay by Ilja Rautsi, the story follows its young heroes Snot and Splash who must take a break from their holiday and save the world from getting sucked into a black hole, more specifically, a crumbling waste disposal system. 

They are told to beware of a man in a white coat, a mad dentist who says of a past victim: “He refused to go to the dentist.” 

The film premiered as part of Locarno Kids Screenings where a bidding war erupted not long after its showing.  

The film’s distribution in its native Finland is via Scanbox Entertainment, its Scandinavian sub distribution by Folkets Bio in Sweden and in Norway by Norsk Filmdistribusjon. Italy’s I Wonder Pictures releases the adventure comedy in the spring.

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