Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 10


You’re growing tired of a friend or partner’s excuses about why they can’t be as committed to a project you took on jointly as they first promised to be. You were supposed to be sharing this experience only because it is starting to take up more of your time, attention and money than you originally intended.


You have been diligent and determined in your effort to complete a project or work assignment you took on at the start of the year. Thanks to all your hard work today and from over the past few days, you will be pleased with your success as the working week ends.


You can’t disregard financial matters even if you don’t want to think about it. If you’re in debt, you will need to work out how and confirm when you will be able to pay your dues. You are trying to resolve a misunderstanding with a neighbour. Their reaction makes you wish you hadn’t bothered.


Some intense discussion will make you realise there are a few ways to look at a past event or controversy. You will want to consider a situation further before giving your views. If you’re planning a journey, check all documents are in order before setting off.


Although your main focus is on a personal goal, this will not prevent you from being happy for someone who achieves something special. You will want to join in the celebration. Be sure you have everything clear in your mind before presenting ideas to your boss.


People look to you for answers or direction. Be certain your words are clear and concise. You will not want them to be misinterpreted. Outside commitments will clash with family plans. It’s hard to work out what to do for the best.


When everything has been going well and you’ve been pleased with progress made, it will be annoying when someone throws a spanner in the works. Someone in charge will either change their mind about certain plans or they will withdraw a financial offer at the eleventh hour.


A loud argument or disagreement, either witnessed or experienced personally, will leave you feeling drained emotionally and mentally exhausted. A text message from someone you work with will be important even though you might find it difficult to interpret.


It isn’t like you to spend too long worrying about things that might never happen. A few disappointments of late are making you wonder whether anything is going to go right for you. Push anxiety to the back of your mind. You need to keep your mind on present happenings.


In all situations be true to yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think or feel. Just follow your conscience. An offer may need a swift reply. Although you would prefer to have longer to think about it, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.


In your haste to get results you could make a few mistakes. You might not notice this until later when it will be frustrating having to retrace your steps. It would be better to slow down, take your time and take any advice too that comes from others who are more knowledgeable and experienced.


Don’t feel you are wasting an expert’s time by consulting them about a health or financial matter. If you have concerns, book an appointment with a professional. In a situation where someone is watching over your shoulders, do your best, even though you feel uncomfortable.

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