Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for January 30

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You aren’t contributing to a group effort for what you can get out of it but it would feel good to know that your efforts are being seen and acknowledged. It would be smart to hold something in reserve when discussing plans and ideas in public.


Recently you have been holding back from showing emotions and keeping many of your thoughts to yourself. Today you will be less inclined to hide what you feel. This may make someone uncomfortable but for you, it will be good to get it all out.


You were serious about a joint commitment when you made it. For some reason it is getting more difficult for you to hold up your end of the deal. You may not want to admit even to yourself how restricted this arrangement is making you feel. You long for more freedom.


Your feelings are clear but you are not being given the opportunity to express them. Someone with a powerful personality will dominate talks, meetings, events and arrangements. You are aware that there are others who are starting to feel like you and it will be just a matter of time before the silent majority start to demand their interests are respected.


Someone with a powerful personality will dominate group arrangements. You are clear about your own feelings but you aren’t being given a chance to express them. There are others who are starting to feel as frustrated as you and it won’t be long before the silent majority start demanding their interests are respected too.


You may have no idea where decisions made today will take you and half the time other people will be leading the way. If you relinquish control with grace, this could be a memorable day. As it is, you will have complete faith in those at the helm.


Your patience is being tested when working with someone who seems determined to cause problems every step of the way. You may well have a reputation of being able to work harmoniously with others no matter what their personality but there is a limit to what you are willing to put up with today.


It isn’t easy to remain objective when dealing with a situation involving someone you care for. It would be simple to allow emotions to get out of control and overwhelm you. This will result in you missing what is really happening. When you need some space, take a walk. The fresh air will help calm you.


Matters relating to your family history will come up in conversations. A strange issue will cause some arguments when a piece of information comes as a complete surprise to you all. You will be able to keep emotions under control to more easily manage the situation.


You have plenty to do in the area of work and domestic responsibilities. Child care arrangements will also have to be discussed and arranged if you are a parent with young children. It would be best to get as much accomplished as early in the day as possible when it will be easier to get in touch with people you need to talk to.


Your intention is to remain serious in work meetings and seminars but it won’t take long before your fun loving side requires you to relax and be creative. If you are able to show some self-restraint you should manage to balance these opposing needs to keep everyone happy.


A need for something has been welling up inside of you. You can’t hold this back any longer. Someone may not be happy when you tell them what you want and intend to do but what’s important is that you do something now for yourself.

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