Hooters girl shares three comments she hates on job including bad chat-up lines

No one likes dealing with sleazy customers, but sadly, sometimes it simply happens.

It can make a man or woman feel totally uncomfortable while on the job.

Now one Hooters worker has the perfect response when it comes to shutting down flirty customers.

She revealed how the phrase "are you on the menu?" often make the waitresses uncomfortable.

According to the server who spoke to the Insider, she said how the girls often let out a fake laugh to ease the tension.

So to hit back at the inappropriate customer, the woman revealed how she replies: "Hahaha. Okay, whatever grandpa."

The waitress also revealed how she trained a colleague who frequently receives three-figure tips.

She said how she thinks this is partially due to her ability to ignore crude remarks from men, especially those who had been drinking.

Earlier this year, the CEO Sal Melilli told Nation's Restaurant News that Hooters has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.

Meanwhile the worker even spoke about customers who claim Hooters is a strip club.

She said that her TikTok comments are frequently filled with people making this remark.

And according to the waitress, it's very common for Hooters to be a side job for women pursuing other careers.

The worker said: "I have a master's degree – this is my side job.

"My manager from my first store was getting her nursing degree while she was a Hooters Girl."

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