Hilarious snaps capture the moments hapless people had NO common sense

So much for common sense! Hilarious snaps capture the moments hapless people made some VERY baffling decisions

  • People from around the world shared hilarious examples of bad common sense
  • Examples include one family who put their basketball net below their window
  • One man who mistook the actor Woody Harrelson for film director Woody Allen

Even the smartest among us have moments where common sense escapes us, but these unfortunate people had their hapless moments caught on camera. 

People from around the world who were snapped in some bizarre and awkward situations after failing to apply basic logic and the hilarious snaps have been collated in an online gallery for the trivia website ParentInfluence.   

From a family who decided to put their basketball net below their window to a man who mistook actor Woody Harrelson for Woody Allen – these embarrassing moments are sure to make you cringe. 

Other examples include a three-pronged children’s slide and Christmas tree decoration that looks like a toe. 

Here, FEMAIL rounds up the best example of people who really did not think things through. 

Smashed it! This internet user, from Quebec, shared a picture of a family who unwisely placed their basketball net under a window 

That’s awkward! A shopper from the US spotted this sign that was supposedly helpful, but brought a rather gruesome image to mind 

That’s one way to do it! This woman, from the UK, decided to re-label her coffee and tea containers rather than swap the contents around 

Going for a paddle! A shopper from Pasadena shared a picture of this pool float that looks like a giant inflatable sanitary towel

Banana split! This three-pronged slide spotted at a playground in the US could prove very painful

Just roll with it! An American tourist took this picture of a toilet on a trip to Japan which had the toilet paper out of reach behind a wall 

Out of order! If you go into this building in Buffalo, there’s  an elevator with some very confusing floor numbers to contend with  

What were you inking! 

Toe-curling! This Christmas decoration is supposed to resemble the baby Jesus, but looks more like part of a foot 

Oh burn! One US-based woman shared a picture of an electronic candle which their aunt had tried three times to light 

Double act! One US-based user shared the embarrassing moment he realised he had mixed up Woody Harrelson for Woody Allen at a book signing 

How romantic! One US-based couple were mocked after sharing pictures of their engagement party favours 

Grave misunderstanding! One internet user shared a picture of a plaque which the owner had not intended to be engraved 

Cyber baby! One US internet user shared a picture of a train advertisement placed in an unfortunate position  

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