High Winds Lead To Epic ‘Snowman Vs Snowman’ Smackdown

The funny video of the inflatable yard ornaments brawling goes viral just in time for Christmas 2018.

Christmas 2018 is upon us, and it’s looking like it will be as hectic as usual. As the days count down to the merriest time of the year, some shoppers, revelers, and others can barely keep their cool as they fight the crowds and rush to do some last minute shopping.

Meanwhile, tensions are high and some have reached their boiling point. That sentiment has never been more present than in a viral video that surfaced this week of two testy, inflatable snowmen seemingly duking it out on the snow-covered ground.

The hilarious incident of “Snowman vs. Snowman” was filmed in the city of Brookings, Oregon, and the odd happening probably played out a little differently than their decorators originally intended.

American television broadcasting company ABC made the video available on their Facebook page. In it, you can watch the two inflatable decorations battling it out in front of a Taco Bell and KFC blended restaurant. The ABC video of the epic fight has been viewed by scores of “netizens” that can’t get enough of the funny Christmas scene.

At the time of this writing, the viral video has been shared almost 55,000 times. Latestly, who are experts on the “Christmas tree ninja” phenomenon, says that the video “rightly implies the two creatures fighting and people seemed to buy that conclusion.”

For the uninitiated and dog lovers, we’ll discuss what cat owners already know about Christmas tree ninjas. Christmas tree ninjas are cats that think the Christmas tree is a present for them as soon as it is put up and decorated. This tabby Christmas tree ninja depicted below is acting as the angel on top of the tree.

The inquisitive feline seems to be wondering why their human would decorate something with shiny things that look suspiciously like cat toys if they didn’t want them to climb up in it and play.

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An actual angel at the top of the tree. Happy December from the queen. ???? —— #catsofinstagram #catsinchristmastrees #christmasdecor #catlife #southernchristmas

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As you can see while watching “Snowman vs. Snowman,” one snowman is dressed in a black stove top hat while the second is wearing a red and green festive hat. Both sport Christmas-themed scarves and traditional carrot noses. As the well-placed gust of wind blows them about, a wild scene is created.

The wind blowing the inflatable yard ornaments to-an-fro additionally makes it appear as if the two cold gentlemen have knocked each other down on the ground and are going at it.

Just what would snowmen and snowladies argue about, anyway? Politics? Which is better — Taco Bell or KFC? The icy reception they gave to one another?

Imagine, for a moment, that the havoc might have started with a corny snowman joke.

First snowman: “What kind of mug does a snowman use for lunch?”

Second snowman: “I give up.”

First snowman: “A Frosted One!”

Second snowman: “That is soooooo lame.”

First Snowman: “No, it’s not!

And it all rolls downhill from there.

Throughout the video, it seems as if the red and green-capped snowman has the upper hand, as he straddles stove top hat and pummels him with his snowball fists. Santa seems to cheer him on from the sidelines and has clearly placed a bet on the feisty green-capped snowman.

One of Santa’s reindeer looks as if it was knocked over by the feuding snowmen, while the penguins perched on top of a polar bear are turned away from the fight and look like they are excited about the prospect of some fast-food.

ABC didn’t announce who won the epic “Snowman vs. Snowman” smackdown.

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