Here’s How You Can Grow A Beard Like Zac Efron

Zac Efron can grow a beard, and you can do the same!

Zac Efron has come a long way since he was singing alongside Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical. The baby-faced star quickly went on to bigger and better things, starring in Bad Neighbors, Baywatch and a host of other big-budget films. In case you’re wondering what he’s up to now, we have some news for you – Zac’s hanging out, riding horses in Costa Rica sporting a beautifully well-rounded beard. It’s a far cry from his Disney days, and Efron may have just finally made the transition from adolescence into manhood, at the tender age of 31. Women the world over swooned at the epic sight posted to his Instagram page and grown men growled in envy. If you’re wondering exactly how you can level-up with some impressive facial hair, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with these tips.


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Brave the no-shave. Even practiced beard-growers will tell you that it’s not as easy as it looks. The transition period can be a little tricky to navigate, so be prepared to look like you’re coming off the tail end of a heavy weekend for a while. Jokes will be had at your five-o’clock shadow’s expense, but be brave. You will prevail.

Keep those lines clean. When you first start growing out your facial hair, it can be tempting to let it all run wild and shape it later, but according to experts, no one wants to see a hairy neck. Otherwise known as the Base Line, it’s important to keep the bottom part of your beard in check, especially in the early stages. A trimmer is a perfect tool, but if you’re a little worried about cutting up too high why not visit a professional. You’re worth it.

Condition, condition, condition. We’re not saying you need to Herbal Essence the living daylights out of your new fluffy friend, but conditioning might help you get through the awkward itchy stage. Many men abandon the grow-out entirely because the discomfort is too much, but it need not be so. There are multiple beard oils on the market that can help keep your hair hydrated all the live-long day.

Groom and shape. Grooming your beard helps it grow better and keeps it in check stylistically, but stay away from the dreaded beard comb. That tool puts too much tension on the hair, according to Men’s Health. Instead, invest in a flat-bristled brush made from natural materials – your skin will thank you later. Once your beard is full enough to be styled, whack some beard balm in your Amazon cart. Head hair products won’t work as well with unruly hairs.

Visit the barber. As we’ve previously touched upon, there’s no shame in getting a little help from a professional when it comes to keeping up appearances. It doesn’t make you any less of a man. Now go show Efron how it’s done!

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