‘Heartbroken’ mum banned from daughter’s first nativity after playground row

A "heartbroken" mum has been banned from her daughter’s first nativity following a playground row.

Danielle Evans says she is being treated unfairly after becoming involved in an argument outside school while sticking up for her autistic son.

The mum-of-three, 32, has already missed one nativity performance at Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary School in Weoley Castle, Birmingham, where her daughter Talulah-Rose played a sheep.

She is now set to miss the second performance after claiming she was banned from attending for responding to hurtful comments from another parent at the school gates, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Danielle said: “My daughter is four-and-a-half and it was her first ever Christmas play.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken.

“I pleaded with the school but they wouldn’t listen.

“It’s meant to be a special moment for parents and I won’t ever be able to get that moment back.”

Speaking about how the argument at the school gates began, she added: "I went to pick up my children from school and I overhead another parent saying things about my children.

"I asked her if the comments were directed at my son and she started screaming and pointing her finger in my face. I argued back and she had to be restrained.

“Afterwards we went into the school and we were both banned from the school premises.

“I apologised, told them I had stepped away from the situation and asked to go to the play, but they wouldn’t listen."

The mum added: “The school won’t talk to me on the phone and they have said it is in the hands of the local authority, but when I call the local authority they don’t know anything about it.”

Danielle, whose seven-year-old daughter Lily and nine-year-old son Louie also go to the school, is now waiting to hear by letter if the ban will be lifted over the row on November 30.

She missed the 9.30am nativity on Tuesday and is due to miss another one on Wednesday at 1.30pm.

“I complied with all their rules and I would have done absolutely anything to go the play,” Danielle said.

“As well as missing out I’m also no longer able to walk my children into the school, so my autistic nine-year-old has to walk in with my youngest Talulah-Rose, who has severe asthma."

She added: “I’ve been told that by ringing the school I’ll only end up prolonging the ban so I’m left waiting for a letter to find out what the decision will be.”

A school spokesperson said: “A couple of parents have been banned from the premises due to their unacceptable behaviour, and unfortunately this coincides with the school nativity which means they are not able to watch the production.”

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