Heartbroken dog waits for owners for days after being abandoned hydrant

A heartbroken dog was spotted waiting in the exact spot where he last saw his owners, unaware that they were not coming back for him.

The emotional scene was detailed by Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy after she was alerted that the dog had been spotted near a fire hydrant all week long.

Though residents in the area had tried to coax the dog to safety on several occasions they turned to the rescuer after the dog refused any help.

“When I got there, there he was sitting. The poor babysat loyally and waited,” Hall told The Dodo. “He would frantically run a little away as if he was looking for someone and then right back to the hydrant.

“My heart sank when I saw him. He would run across the stress looking. There were so many cars speeding down that street.”

The pup – named Thunder – was exceptionally thirsty when rescuers found him, having patiently waited under the scorching Californian sun for days.

Hall added: “I gave him water and he drank it so fast. The neighbour said they had been trying to get him for days.”

The rescuer arrived with several pieces of equipment to lure the dog to her, but it quickly transpired that he was still too frightened to accept help.

“Nothing smells better than a hotdog when you are starving so I set my trap and he circled it forever,” noted Hall. “I drove down the street to make him feel safe to go in and when I came back to check there he was, safe in my trap.”

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Thankfully the rescuer eventually managed to get hold of the dog and immediately rushed him to the vet to have him fed and hydrated.

Even after the dog had received medical care, however, his rescuer noticed that he was anxious and wanted to return to the fire hydrant.

But it wasn’t long before Thunder was adopted, and soon the pup was on his way to meet his new family on the other side of the East Coast.

Suzette noted: “His new family fell in love instantly. The day he arrived was the best day of his new parents’ lives. He was happy too.

“They were so excited to get him – they got him matching Lakers gear and they take him boat rides.”

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