‘Hands-on mum’: Zara Tindall ‘totally unashamed’ of ‘comforting’ her children in public

Zara Tindall 'pushed the boundaries' says royal expert

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Zara Tindall married Mike Tindall back in 2011 in Edinburgh and have since had three children. Mia is seven, Lena is three and Lucas is just five months old. What parenting style do they follow?

Although not a working member of the Royal Family, Zara and her children are often seen in public. 

This is mainly for important events and the three children have also been spotted with Princess Anne on numerous occasions.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Lucy Shrimpton, Parenting Expert from The Sleep Nanny, explained: “Zara is a very hands-on mum and totally unashamed of showing her affection for her children in public, unlike many royals of the past.

“Zara has made a conscious decision to raise her children as ordinarily as possible, just as her mother, Anne, the Princess Royal has done.

“While Zara is far from ‘ordinary’ herself, having been an Olympian and the granddaughter of the Queen, she doesn’t let tradition dictate how she acts with her children which is lovely to see, letting her maternal instincts take control.”

Other Royal Family members including Kate Middleton and Sophie, Countess of Wessex have also been seen showing their children affection in public.

Although public displays of affection would have once been frowned upon, modern day norms allow royals to act more natural in public.

Lucy added: “Like William and Harry, Zara shows affection for her children which is comforting for the children as it must be very intimidating for them having photographers so often.

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“Knowing that they have the comfort of their parents there to protect them will give them confidence to be themselves and unafraid of the world around them, knowing they have the safety of their parents there.”

In a recent podcast, Mike Tindall revealed that they encourage competitiveness amongst their children.

The expert said: “I am a real advocate for encouraging activities for your children and getting them involved in as many sports or hobbies as possible to see what they love doing. 

“Zara and Mike Tindall are obviously very talented sports people themselves so their children will probably have a natural gift that their parents will want to nurture. 

“Sports are a huge part of the couple’s lives; their jobs, social lives and probably their way of keeping healthy both physically and mentally – so they will probably want to share this passion with their kids. 

“I don’t believe there is anything wrong with teaching competitiveness as long as the children can understand and learn to deal with losing.”

The parenting expert explained that this is a “really valuable” skill to learn.

She said: “There’s going to be competitiveness throughout life and sport teaches you how to deal with this and not to be a sore loser. 

“However, it’s important that they are not too pushy and listen to their children’s wants and needs; the chances are they will love sport as much as they do but they might want to take a completely different direction in which case they will need to understand that.”

Zara and Mike Tindall live in Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire, with their three children.

Zara doesn’t have a royal title which allows her to live a more relaxed lifestyle.

However, the couple have been photographed several times enjoying the grounds during walks around Gatcombe Park.

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