Grey's Anatomy Won't Be Back Until 2019 — Here's What You Need to Remember

Grey’s Anatomy Won’t Be Back Until 2019 — Here’s What You Need to Remember

Grey’s Anatomy is always a roller-coaster ride, and season 15’s jaw-dropper of a mid-season finale is no exception. The final episode of the year, albeit drawing from Grey’s trope box with the familiar uses of natural disasters and love triangles, left fans with pretty juicy cliffhangers.

With her marriage on the rocks, Dr. Bailey buckles up and takes charge of the hospital in the midst of a crazy storm and power outage. Richard and Catherine’s relationship hangs in the balance as he’s yet to find out about her tumor. Then we have Mer and DeLuca, who’re stuck in an elevator together, the sexual tension sparking between them almost unbearable. There’s lots to digest, so here’s everything that you need to remember, as well as our predictions for what’s going to happen next, when the season picks up!

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