‘Gomorrah’ Star Marco D’Amore to Direct ‘Caracas’ Starring Toni Servillo, Vision Launches Sales at EFM (EXCLUSIVE)

Actor-director Marco D’Amore, who played the ruthless central character Ciro Di Marzio on the Italian mob show “Gomorrah,” is directing “Caracas” a Naples-set drama in which he stars opposite Toni Servillo (“The Great Beauty,” “Strangeness”).

“Caracas” is a co-production between Picomedia, Mad Entertainment and Vision Distribution, which will release the film in Italy.

Vision Distribution’s international unit, headed by veteran sales agent Catia Rossi, is launching sales on the film at Berlin’s upcoming European Film Market.

In “Caracas,” which is based on writer Ermanno Rea’s novel “Napoli Ferroviaria,” Servillo plays Giordano Fonte, a Neapolitan author of international fame who returns to his hometown after many years. There he intersects with a former acquaintance nicknamed Caracas, a man originally from Venezuela who, having been a Neo-fascist skinhead, is now in the process of converting to Islam.

The film is a journey into the multi-ethnic, crime-ridden port city, where Caracas rules over the area near Naples’ central station. There is a subplot narrated by Giordano Fonte that involves Caracas’ impossible love affair with a young woman named Yasmina who has a drug problem.

“Caracas is a child of our time, alone and lost, in search of a truth about existence that he cannot find,” said D’Amore in a statement. “Caracas is the Christ of the station, the last of a dying breed. Caracas hates the sea and curses Naples between his teeth.”

By his side, Caracas finds a grand old man, a novelist who wanders with him into the depths of the Neapolitan underworld.

“The Naples of Caracas is an abandoned, ruined and beautiful city that is abused and brazenly outspoken, but damned. Naples is not Naples. It is a South American barrio, a Brazilian favela, an Indian slum,” D’Amore said. “Yet in the alleys of this Babel, in the dampness of its streets, everyone feels they can make their dreams come true and can dance entangled by passion. Everyone hopes not to get lost; to save themselves. Everyone, even Caracas and Giordano, dreams of being able to open their eyes after a nightmare and see, after the darkness of night, a day full of light.”

“Caracas” will mark the second feature film for D’Amore. He made his directorial debut in “Gomorrah” Season 4 and went on to direct the show’s prequel film “The Immortal” and high-profile doc “Magic Naples,” which launched from the Torino Film Festival last year.

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