Fury as O2 offers customers as little as 87p compensation for mega phone crash

Mobile giant O2 added insult to injury today by texting customers and offering as ­little as 87p compensation for their mega phone crash.

The O2 offer of two days’ credit – with a vow to “make sure this doesn’t happen again” – triggered a barrage of furious and sarcastic tweets. Angry @76georgezeeking wrote: “£2 then for a day of stress.”

And @AlexanderParker chipped in: “Ooooh 87p coming my way. Thanks!”

Consumer experts say Britain’s second-biggest network should pay at least £10 to its 32million users left without internet, texts and maps on Thursday.

O2 offered to credit customers’ accounts “by the end of January”.

But watchdog Which? said this was likely to be between 87p and £2.33 and urged regulators to consider automatic compensation.

Consumer complaints guru Helen Dewdney said only £10 per head would calm customers.

She said: “It would show goodwill and fewer people are likely to leave.”

Supplier Ericsson admitted being at fault after a software usage certificate expired.

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