From Workout Gear to Kitchen Gadgets, Gifts for Every Tech Lover In Your Life

For the Cozy Tech Lover

Everyone needs a place to prop their many, many devices, right? UGG’s genius tablet pillow is part comfy spot to rest your head and part storage for your screens, so you don’t have to tear apart your bed in the morning. 

Buy It! UGG’s Classic Sherpa Poof Tablet Pillow, $19.99;

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For Your Pal Who Needs to Declutter

Wires, wires everywhere, but not one to plug into your phone! Solve your friend’s clutter crisis by gifting them a wireless charger. 

Buy It! Anker’s Wireless Charger, $11.95;

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For Your Sentimental Friend

Admit it: Carrying around a tiny printer in your bag so that you can print out photos instantly and give them to your loved ones would be a huge flex. This little gadget even lets you add graphics, boarders and more to your photos before you print them, making an already personal gift even more personal. 

Buy It! HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer, $79.99, Orig. 129.85;

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For the Caffeinated Gadget Guru

There’s really nothing worse than picking up your mug of coffee and finding out that it’s already gone cold. The Ember Mug lets you pick your exact desired temperature and maintains it for up to 1.5 hours! 

Buy It! The Ember Mug, $129.95;

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For the the Animal Crossing Enthusiast

Help your friend or loved one really nail the whole “staying inside” thing by giving them the ultimate quarantine essential: a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Buy It! Nintendo Switch Lite, $199.00;

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For the Clean Freak

Two words: Robot. Vacuum. Choose your own adventure depending on the lucky recipient, from a model that keeps up with pet shedding to another that mops and vacuums (and self-cleans afterwards). 

Buy It! Ecovacs Deebot, $169.00 – $599.99;

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For Your Loved One Who’s Distance Learning

With more people working and going to school remotely, a tablet is the perfect gift to serve all of their needs. You can read, stream movies, play games, listen to music and more, plus go hands-free with Alexa on those days you have your hands full.

Buy It! Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus Tablet; $109.99;

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For the Home Cook

Air fryers have quickly become a kitchen staple, so make sure the foodie in your life is stocked with one that has all the bells and whistles. The Bella Touchscreen Air Fryer is easy to use with one-touch preset options and eight preset menu options — and it looks sleek enough to sit out on your counter top. 

Buy It! Bella 5.3 QT Touchscreen Air Fryer, $149.99;

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For the Plant Mom or Dad

For your friend who fancies themselves a green thumb but doesn’t have the space (or energy) for a full herb garden, a countertop garden makes for a thoughtful and useful gift. The Personal Rise Garden is controlled by an app and helps the user — excuse us, gardener —  grow fresh produce all year round.

Buy It! Personal Rise Garden, $279;

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For the Instagram Expert

If you haven’t noticed, the early 2000s are having a moment (though we’re still hoping low-rise jeans stay firmly in the past). This cool little guy is part digital camera (remember those? Well, they’re back!) and part film camera, plus it lets you edit and add filters. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and print your masterpieces!

Buy It! Fujifilm Instax Hybrid Mini LiPlay, $159.95;

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For the Beauty Lover

Bad Zoom lighting? Not in this house. This smart mirror provides the perfect light and magnification for makeup-application needs. Even cooler, it analyzes your complexion and reports back to you on any changes. 

Buy It! HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror, $199.00;

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For the Practical One

Listen, we know toothbrushes are usually a stocking stuffer, but this one is worthy of being the main event. The electronic toothbrush uses artificial intelligence technology to coach the user through brushing, correcting bad habits and ensuring a sparkling smile. It’s literally like using a toothbrush from the future. 

Buy It! Oral-B GENIUS X Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, $219.99;

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For the Book Worm

Now thinner and waterproof, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift for anyone looking to make the transition to e-readers. This one is lightweight and the screen reads like paper pages, so even paperback purists can get onboard. 

Buy It! Kindle Paperwhite, $129.99;

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For the Family with Tons of Devices

What if we said you could have been charging your phone more than 3X faster this whole time? With this amped-up wall charger, everyone can power up in no time.

Buy It! Otterbox Fast Charge Dual Port Wall Charger, $34.95;

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For the Music Fan

Not only are these wireless headphones comfortable and high-quality, they also come with a charging case that kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Buy It! LG TONE Free True Wireless Earbud Headphones, $119.99;

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For the Light Sleeper

There’s plenty to be anxious about these days, and it is no doubt affecting our sleep cycles. With the Hatch Restore, help your loved ones gently fall asleep to white noise, and wake up to a gentle sunrise.

You can also buy one for the babies in your life — or, let’s get real, their parents — with the Hatch Rest+, which is part night-light, part sound machine and part monitor.

Buy It! Hatch Restore, $129.95 and Hatch Rest+, $89.99;

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For the Virtual Gym Rat

Transport yourself to the most insanely beautiful and exciting locations around the world, all from the comfort of your living room. You can enjoy the thrill of traveling again (thanks to VR) and try personalized workouts that’ll feel more like you’re playing a video game. Quarantine just got a lot more fun.

Buy It! Supernatural Monthly Membership; $19 per month, $179 per year;

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For the Friend Who Could Use a Massage

With tons of positive reviews and an affordable price, the Flyby F1Pro Massage Gun has six attachments, minimal sound and is light and easy to handle. It’s perfect for the athlete who needs to take a break and recover, or anyone who could use a little tension relief.

Buy It! Flyby F1Pro Massage Gun, $89.99;

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For the Green Techie

Save on your electricity bill and hang up this super cute solar charger in the sunniest spot in your home. It’s incredibly easy to set up: Take it out of the box, stick the panel to your window and let the sun do all the work. The built in USB port can charge iPhones, Androids, smart watches, speakers and more. 

Buy It! Grouphug Window Solar Charger, $149; grouphugtech,com

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