Footage reveals Taylor Swift's 'cult-like' fans watching Eras film

Movie theater worker compares Taylor Swift fans to a ‘CULT’ while revealing eerie behind-the-scenes footage of them dancing in a circle at Eras Tour film screening

  • The employee took to TikTok to share a creepy 10-second clip of security footage
  • Without audio, the footage of the dancing Swifties looked particularly eerie
  • She described the Swiftie spectacle as ‘low key the cultiest thing I’ve ever seen’

A movie theater employee has shared a creepy 10-second clip of security footage capturing Taylor Swift fans dancing hand-in-hand in a circle at the base of the screen during a showing of the pop superstar’s Eras tour documentary. 

In the greyscale security footage, which did not have audio, a gaggle of viewers can be seen gathering in the aisles of the theater and staring straight ahead as if hypnotized by the film.

Meanwhile, a larger group had already joined hands to form a rotating circle of Swifties at the front of the space.

‘What Swifties look like to movie theatre workers. Low key the cultiest thing I’ve ever seen,’ wrote the TikTok user, @calihollywood, in text overlaid on the video.

A movie theater employee shared a creepy 10-second clip of security footage capturing Taylor Swift fans dancing hand-in-hand in a circle at a screening of the Eras tour documentary

Swifties have long made up one of the more devout fandoms on the pop-culture landscape

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The employee added in the caption that the scene was ‘giving Midsommar’ – in reference to the 2019 horror flick wherein American tourists get caught up in the pagan rituals at a rural Swedish commune.

One of said rituals portrayed in the film consists of the characters holding hands as they feverishly circle a maypole.

Earlier this month, TMZ shared a similar video taken by a patron of another movie theater from inside a screening of the Eras documentary – with the clip also revealing a cluster of Swifties holding hands and circling just under the screen as the credits begin to roll. 

‘Basically, ring around the rosie (Taylor’s Version),’ quipped the gossip site of the latest over-the-top showing of enthusiasm from the singer’s sprawling fandom. 

Still other videos across TikTok captured the boisterous behavior of T-Swift fans watching the Eras doc from the point of view of fellow audience members. 

Two videos posted by the account @tswift_22 depicted the exuberant moods of the Eras-watching theater-goers – with small clusters of mostly young women standing up to sing and fanatically dance along as Taylor performed her set list on screen. 

While Swifties have long been part of one of the more devout fandoms in existence, the release of the singer’s record-breaking Midnights album last year coupled with the subsequent kick-off of her Eras tour has mobilized Taylor’s fan base like never before.

Many have even speculated that commerce both directly and indirectly tied to the Eras tour has proved so robust as to singlehandedly have a measurable economic boost in the given region surrounding a concert.

A recent report estimated that, were Taylor Swift an economy unto herself, she’d be bigger than the economies of 50 counties 

Other videos, captured from the point of view of audience members at screenings of the Eras movie, similarly capture the crowd going wild 

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Cities where the Era tour has stopped have enjoyed a major ‘boost’ in their respective local economies by as much as ‘hundreds of millions of dollars in one weekend,’ according to Time magazine.

And, were Taylor Swift an economy unto herself as a report in GlobalNewswire  declared, ‘she’d be bigger than 50 countries.’

Another metric of the strength of Taylor’s fandom more recently came about in the aftermath of Swifties realizing that the 33-year-old songstress had struck up a romance with NFL star Travis Kelce, 34, of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Evidently wanting to see her new beau in action on the field, Taylor attended a series of football matches.

As Swifties caught on, they cumulatively caused a drastic spike in ratings on the October 1 game – with the peak viewership of 29.4 million rivaling that of this year’s Super Bowl, according to CNN.

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