‘Fleabagging,’ ‘Glamboozling’ are latest bizarre dating terms

Dating app Plenty of Fish has revealed the seven new dating terms to emerge in 2020 to the MailOnline.

When it comes to dating, we're all familiar with ghosting, and even breadcrumbing and benching have entered our vocabulary.

But there is a whole new set of dating terms for singletons to get their heads around in time for the New Year.

Dating app Plenty of Fish has revealed the seven new dating terms to emerge in 2020 to the MailOnline.

So get ready to be glamboozled – and to yellow card them when you are.


Ghosting is what puts a lot of singletons off entering the dating pool with the fear of being given the silent treatment from a date.

But just like the animated ghoul Caspering implies a friendly form of ghosting by giving your match some warning before doing a disappearing act.


Fans of the BBC show will be well aware of Phoebe Waller Bridge’s many (many) dating disasters.

And this dating term is for anyone suffering the same fate, with Fleabagging referring to those who consistently pick the wrong men.


Most of us will dial up the glamour when it comes to a first date, whether that’s a fresh haircut or perhaps a whole new outfit.

But if you’re stood up, or bamboozled, having pulled out all the stops, well you have just been glamboozled my friend.


The first few months of dating are normally referred to as the Honeymoon period, with nothing to muddy the waters.

However, inevitably all couples will eventually run into disagreements and while most will muddle through a flashpanner will jump ship as soon as things get tough.


Like in football producing a yellow card in a relationship is a way of giving your partner a warning.

While it’s not quite dumping territory, you’re letting them know that if the behavior continues a red card may come in to play and the match will be over.


If you are approached by a partner’s ex over social media then you have been a victim of an exoskeleton.

The term refers to your partner’s skeletons coming out of the cupboard.


For many of us, once a partner becomes an ex they disappear for good, however a cause-player refers to one who messages you out of the blue.

But rather than confessing pent up feelings, this ex is looking for a favor from you.

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