‘Flat-chested’ Hooters waitress shows how she fakes huge boobs for job

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Now here’s a titillating trick. 

A self-touted “flat-chested” med student working at Hooters is keeping her 90,000 TikTok fans abreast of how she turns her barely-there bosom into mountainous moneymakers every night.

“I have the chest of a teenage boy,” confessed Kristen Songer, 22, in her now-viral build-a-boobs tutorial. 

The DIY cleavage clips, posted to her @FlatHootersGirl TikTok profile in early June, have amassed over 16 million views on the video-share platform. 

Transforming her double A-cups into an ample eyeful, Songer begins the process by strapping on her handy-dandy Amazon push-up bra. 

Super spy, catfish, same difference. #super #spy #catfish #hooters #girls #thehootersway #server #chest #fy #22

“It’s a bra on Amazon that adds two cups. It’s really padded,” the University of South Carolina Medical School coed said in the step-by-step.

“It’s supposed to be like the Bombshell,” she continued, likening her online retailer find to the Victoria’s Secret $70 boob-boosting undergarment. 

“It’s not quite as good, but it’s half the price,” Songer said. 

After giving her girls a little lift, the doctor-to-be stuffs the bra with $8.99 silicone inserts — or “sticky boobs” that she purchased from Walmart. 

“[The sticky boobs] are what makes the most difference in my appearance,” she told BuzzFeed. “It’s what pushes my boobs together to create the cleavage line in the center.”

In her hooters how-to video, Songer then executes her final bustline fabrication step: chest contouring. 

Answer to @becky_rodzc this tutorial was definitely more rushed than my last one bc I’m late for work but hopefully y’all find this helpful! #hooters

“I take some dark contour and just follow the shape of my boobs,” she said, outlining the top of each mammary with her finger.

For this part of the process, she uses makeup to lightly draw lines of definition onto her chest that create the illusion of curviness. 

“And now they look huge,” the creative beauty boasted of her counterfeit casabas. 

“I look like I should be a Hooters girl,” she added, noting the restaurant chain’s penchant for hiring buxom women to sling their saucy wing-flings.

On average, she rakes in anywhere between $50 to $400 a shift.

There is NOTHING wrong with working at Hooters, but a girl is here trying to save up to be a doctor #premed #medstudent #hooters #savingmoney #money

Elsewhere on her TikTok, Songer — who recently graduated magma cum laude from USC and plans to attend the institution’s school of medicine next year — explained why she’s working at the breast-centric chicken joint. 

“This is my med school tuition for the school year,” she said in a video while zooming in on the $42,888 bill. 

“And after all the fees and expenses, we get this pretty number,” the college girl continued, showing fans that schooling add-ons ballooned her tuition to a whopping $69,120.

“And I have four years of that where I can’t work,” sighed Songer before revealing her grand total of $74,143 per year.

“So, Hooters,” she said matter-of-factly. 


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