Family horror as idyllic Tenerife holiday resort is like ‘a run down car park’

A family lured by pictures of a huge sunlit saltwater pool found their holiday hopes rapidly drained away when they arrived at their “rundown” resort.

Jane Hagger, 46, and husband John, 50, claim there were a host of problems at the three-star Alborada Ocean Club in Costa del Silencio, Tenerife.

Their pictures show crumbling walls, broken tiling and rusty fences around the complex, black slime in the sea water pool and cockroach droppings in their room.

They spent £2550 for a seven day all-inclusive with their children aged 15 and 12, booked with Teletext Holidays.

Receptionist Jane, from Brentwood, Essex, claimed the hotel was like a “run-down carpark”, saying: “The building was falling apart.

"There was rubble falling on the outside [with] bees nests and wasps nests. There were cockroach nests in the cupboards.”

After days of complaining they were offered a transfer – for £400 each.

Carie Henry, 45, from Eltham South-East London, who spent more than £4,000 on a family holiday claims it felt like a “prison block.”

Teacher Sharon Simpson, 54, from Peckham, South London, who stayed with her daughter and niece, is also trying to get a refund.

Teletext said: “Teletext Holidays prides itself on its high level of customer satisfaction.

"Each customer has been contacted personally and their complaints are being thoroughly investigated.”

A statement from the hotel read: “We believe the points made by these guests are somewhat exaggerated and misleading.

“The complaints raised were dealt with to their satisfaction, however we have since been contacted by our agent and we are further investigating.”

In other recent holiday horror stories , a family's luxury trip to a TUI resort in Mexico turned into a holiday from hell after they claimed the resort beach became a haven for drug pushers.

Stephen Wright booked the trip to the 5-star RIU Cancun hotel last June, forking out £9,000 for him, his partner, two nephews and one of their wives to go away.

After a year waiting for their luxury trip, Stephen, from Glasgow, and his family realised it wasn't what TUI promised just hours after arriving at the hotel.

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