Extreme Minimalists: Man is homeless by choice

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Ethan Schneider isn’t just an extreme minimalist, but an ultra-minimalist. In fact, he’s so committed to this lifestyle that he is willing to sleep on the streets of New York City to lessen his impact on the world. 

Schneider stores his possessions on his “mobile home,” a mountain bike engineered with an electric front wheel and a trailer at the end. Included on his bike are a compost jar, a porta potty and even cleaning supplies. 

“It’s important to me to leave every place I go a little bit cleaner than when I found it,” he told AOL Lifestyle. As a freegan, Schneider relies on his minimal possessions and rejects consumerist ideals. 

“Most freegans are mostly collecting or scavenging from the waste that grocery stores produce,” he explained. “I’ve taken my freeganism to exploring just really any trash can.”

His journey to a becoming a freegan (a cross between the words “free” and “vegan”) was really an accident, a lifestyle he stumbled upon when he was backpacking.

“It became clear to me that I could make some compromises in order to pay rent. Or, I could choose to become even more minimal. If you’re going to do some things that are abnormal, there’s always going to be people that don’t understand. And so, you have to have good reasons for doing what you’re doing.”

See more of Schneider’s unconventional life in the video above! 

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