Expert reveals why you should not be completely honest on a first date

Why your honesty is a turn off: Relationship expert warns against huge mistake you’re making on a date

  • Dating expert Louanne Ward warns against honesty
  • She says telling the whole truth on dates is a turn off
  • It is better to be silent than it is to overshare  

You shouldn’t be too honest on a first date, according to relationship experts, who believe candid oversharing is a major turn off for most singles.

Louanne Ward explained people don’t need to know if you snore, speak to your mother or what your ‘body count’ is.

‘When it comes to dating we have all been taught that honesty is the best policy, but there is a difference between being honest and oversharing,’ she said.

‘You should exercise your discretion.’

Louanne explained every date is a screening exercise for both parties.

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Dating expert Louanne Ward says you shouldn’t be ‘too honest’ on a first date

‘Every question you answer and every bit of information that you give is data that is being collected by your date.. to find your date-ability score,’ she said.

The information is assessed by their subconscious pros and cons list, she explained. 

‘The only way you are going to get a second date is to have a high date-ability score  and you are not going to get that by sharing useless information.’

Other facts she wouldn’t share include how many dates you have been on.


Do you think oversharing on a first date is a turn off?

Do you think oversharing on a first date is a turn off?

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‘You want to know if people are saying no to you or if they are saying no to a lifetime of snoring or a potentially toxic family situation,’ she said.

She said it is important to stop and ask yourself why you are talking and if there’s no good reason you should stop.

‘Keep your mouth closed and let the other person do the talking so you can gather the information,’ she said. 

‘Reveal private information on a need-to-know basis and not every date needs to know the ins and outs of your life.’

And people were thrilled with the advice.

‘As a person who has never been in the dating scene I have found this advice to be tremendously helpful,’ one man said.

While another woman agreed that it is ‘very good advice’ but didn’t reveal whether she had been on the receiving end of an overshare. 

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