Ex-TV actress killed herself after mum’s breast cancer death left her devastated

A former TV actress killed herself after she struggled to cope with the loss of her mother who died of breast cancer, an inquest was told.

A cousin said Cady Stewart, 33, who lived with her mother Sharon, "didn’t want to feel happy" and instead "wanted to feel the hurt" in the months after Mrs Stewart’s death.

Last June 2, Cady wrote a suicide note asking friends to look after her Pomeranian dog, Bella, the inquest was told.

She was found dead from a drug overdose at home by a friend when she failed to answer texts and Facebook messages about meeting for lunch.

The Stockport hearing was told Cady, from Droylsden, Greater Manchester, was an extra in TV shows and had jobs in hairdressing, and retail had developed a "close and loving bond" with her mother, who was a single parent.

Mrs Stewart died in November last year aged in her 50s.

In a statement, Cady’s cousin Gemma Johnson said: “Her dad wasn’t involved with her growing up. He did get in touch on Facebook and when I asked if she was going to do anything about it, she said no because he hadn’t been around for her her whole life.

“She lived with her mum and spent a lot of time with her grandmother. They had a lot of sleepovers together. We were a close family growing up, I have quite happy memories of her and she was like a sister to me.

“Cady was very close to her mum, they lived together. She was a beautiful kind-hearted girl who was quite quiet. She started hairdressing college in Tameside and did very well and ended up doing hairdressing for a living.

“She did my hair, my mums hair and my sisters hair and we always looked immaculate. She then got some retail jobs and even got some work as a TV extra. We remained close with Cady and her mum until some three years later when her mum was diagnosed with cancer and it was terminal.

“It was a difficult time for all of them. As Sharon started to deteriorate Cady found it more difficult to cope."

Gemma added: “In November 2017 her mother continued to determinate until she passed away and at that time Cady took an overdose and was taken to Tameside. This was when she said she needed to be with her mum.

“She struggled to cope without her. Her friends noticed that she hadn’t been eating and was losing weight. She was concerned about finances.

“I found out Cady passed away when I was on holiday, her friends found her. She didn’t want to feel happy, she wanted to feel the hurt.”

Close friend Lisa Whitworth, who found Cady, said in a statement that they were meant to meet for lunch on June 3, but Cady didn’t respond to her calls, texts or messages on Facebook Messenger.

Ms Whitworth said: “We went round to her house and saw Bella, her dog, in the living room downstairs, which was strange as never left Cady’s side.

“There was a note on the door telling us to look after her."

Ms Whitworth said she called for help after discovering Cady and performed CPR, "but sadly she passed away".

She added: “We supported Cady since the passing of her mum. Cady had previously overdosed. She just couldn’t cope due to the passing of her mum.”

Pathologist Dr Vicki Howarth concluded of the cause of death being an overdose of drugs.

Det Insp David Loughlin told the inquest that police found a memorial to her mother inside the home.

He said there was no third party involvement and no evidence of suspicious circumstances.

Cady’s GP Dr Rajesh Gulati said he performed a psychosocial assessment on Cady on November 8.

He added: "She did say to me that she did feel her life was worth living and she wanted to try on behalf of her mum."

He said she later phoned the reception and asked for a two month sick note, "which caused me some concern as I wanted to see her and check how she was doing".

He added: "She came in and I offered her a monthly sick note as I would have more contact with her and she was happy with that.

“She had been offered grief counselling but she didn’t want to go there."

Recording a conclusion of suicide, Coroner Alison Mutch said: “Her death is a sad and tragic case. It’s very clear from the evidence that Cady and her mother had a very close and loving bond.

“Cady relied on her mum and her mum relied on Cady. However at one point their relationship was affected due to her mother being diagnosed with cancer, a sudden and aggressive cancer which led to her mother dying in the beginning of November 2017.

“Cady had been her mothers primary carer and it is clear her death was a devastating blow to Cady."

She added: "I am satisfied that at the time of death she did intend to take her own life and she knew of the consequences.

“I wish to express my condolences to her friends and family who clearly cared for her and supported her as much as she needed after her mums death.”

A report to prevent future deaths in relation to the restriction of opioid drugs in the community for palliative care was issued to the Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group.

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