Ex-drug addict makes amazing transformation after dentist gives her ‘new smile’

A woman who had to remove all her teeth due to drug addiction has been given a makeover to get her "smile" back.

Brittany Negler, from Philadelphia, US, had been taking drugs to numb the pain after the tragic death of her 18-year-old brother but the result caused serious damage to the teeth.

The 29-year-old went for a dentist's help who wrongly said the only option was to have all her teeth removed.

The procedure left her in so much pain that she was unable to eat and lost a dangerous amount of weight.

At just 35kg, Ms Negler was about to get a feeding tube when she reached out to cosmetic dentist Dr Kenny Wilstead to fix the problem with a $38,000 (£27.4k) procedure.

Her journey was documented in a series of TIkTok videos. In one, Dr Kenny gives his opinion after hearing Brittany's previous dental appointment, saying: "They literally pulled all your teeth and did dentures because of some minor (issues)."

Brittany holds back her tears and adds: "On there (the dental records) it says fixable by a root canal, but they never said anything about a root canal.

"They said my teeth weren’t fixable so they had to be pulled. When I chew, there is so much pain up here. The sores just keep popping up."

To help Brittany pick up her confidence and to eat comfortably again, he fits a pair of removable dentures in her mouth cavity.

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When he reveals it to Brittany, she looks into the mirror and breaks down into tears.

The new dentures fit perfectly and it look just like her real teeth.

The overjoyed woman stands up from the chair and gives Dr Kenny a warm hug to thank him for getting her smile back.

After the procedure, Dr Kenny and his wife took Brittany to their favourite restaurant for a meal.

He wrote on Instagram: "First meal, my wife and I decided to take Brittany to our favorite restaurant 'Snuffers'. Just to see how the new teeth would handle."

Viewers congratulated Brittany for the incredible transformation.

One wrote: "He is literally putting a smile on your face."

"People do not understand how much a 'nice smile' affects a person until you don't have one," another added. "Congratulations!"

A third penned: "I'm crying for you. This is amazing."

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