Ex-Apprentice star slammed for 'rank' curry pasta dish

‘Italians are crying’: Apprentice star Tom Skinner is slammed for making ‘curry pasta’ with BAKED BEANS

  • Thomas Skinner, from East London, was on season 15 of The Apprentice
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An ex-Apprentice star has faced backlash from fans for his bizarre ‘curry pasta’ dish – which involves baked beans – that will ‘make Italians cry’.

Thomas Skinner, from East London, posted the video on Instagram, which went viral with more than a million views. 

Thomas was on season 15 of The Apprentice and reached week nine before he was fired by Lord Sugar.

A year later, he went on to compete in Celebrity MasterChef, but was the first to pack his bags when the contestants reached Finals Week. 

He started the video by saying ‘I don’t know if I want curry or pasta, so I’m gonna make a curry pasta.’

Thomas Skinner, from east London, started the video by saying ‘I don’t know if I want curry or pasta, so I’m gonna make a curry pasta’

He then adds oil to a pan followed by chopped onions and ‘loads of turmeric’.

He then said: ‘Get your minced beef and add it to the onions and turmeric.’

Thomas then pours half a pint of beef stock in the pan, while adding salt to a pan of boiling water, before pouring in pasta.

He then adds four garlic gloves into the pan with the beef and onions

He said: ‘Four garlic gloves in my garlic crusher and crush them straight into the lovely mince meat curry.’

Thomas then pours one can of tinned chopped tomatoes and then bizarrely adds a whole can of baked beans to the pan. 

He said: ‘I know what you’re thinking, trust me and pour that in and stir.’

He adds curry powder and chilli powder ‘to give it a kick’. 

Thomas bizarrely adds a can of baked beans to the curry pasta dish, which contains turmeric and chilli powder

Thomas started the quirky dish by adding turmeric powder and white onion to a hot pan 

The ex-Apprentice star made a dish that included mince beef, peas, baked beans, pasta, onion, garlic, turmeric and chilli powder 

Thomas said : ‘I love peas and trust me on this, pour some peas into the mix right at the end,’ before pouring frozen peas straight into the pan. 

He then drains the pasta and grates some cheese, adding them both into the strange concoction of food. 

He then grinds some black pepper before serving. 

Thomas said: ‘This is beautiful,’ as he munched on the dish. ‘Try it out, tag me in the comments.’

He captioned the video: ‘Couldn’t decide if I wanted Curry or Pasta for dinner tonight, so I made up my own dish. Tommy’s mince curry pasta, and it’s delicious!!’

He then listed the ingredients and method before writing: ‘Let me know what you think, this was honestly so tasty and will definitely be having it again!’

Thomas told his followers: ‘I know what you’re thinking, trust me and pour that in and stir’ when he reached the baked bean stage 

Thomas was slammed in the comments, with people calling the dish ‘rank’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘controversial’ 

The video got almost 27,000 likes on Instagram and more than a thousand comments. 

And people definitely did not hold back, as the the businessman was slammed for his meal with many commenting that Italians will not be happy about it. 

‘Italy will invade us tomorrow,’ one wrote, while another described it was ‘the most controversial thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time’.

Another said: ‘That’s rank mate. Wrong on so many levels.’

A third penned: ‘Onions and turmeric does not equal curry! Pukeworthy.’ 

A fourth commented: ‘One of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. In a single video you just insulted generations of Italian grandmothers.’ 

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