Emerging EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™) Collective Teases Glen Luchford Project

Late last week Glen Luchford teased his upcoming project with the emerging collective, EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™). Dubbed “Glen’s Nostalgic Momento” (Offline Project: EBIT002), the teased work features previously unseen photographs taken by Luchford during a Radiohead concert back in 1992. Accompanying the teaser is an excerpt from the famed photographer that reveals his connection with the project.

Finding out about new bands pre-internet was in essence what made it exciting. I honestly can’t remember how I heard about Radiohead, probably through a friend at work, but I found myself in a small concert with a lot of people from The Face magazine, crammed into a tiny space. Like all memorable first performances they live on in your mind. Cherished memories.

The archive system of EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™) is inspired by and stands as an explicit homage to, the legacy of Factory Records, introduced by an inaugural artwork from M/M (Paris) (Logo: EBIT001).

The association with Luchford and M/M (Paris) are just some of the early projects from EBIT™ which serves as an “artistic movement of cultural moments created to provoke the conversation around mental health across fashion, music, and all aspects of art.” EBIT™ was formed to be a collective that is cognizant of and/or have an emotional connection to the spectrum of mental health conditions, highlighting the importance of understanding in our age.

Informed by the emotional climate of 2020, EBIT™’s art influences culture activations are set to appear more offline and online throughout 2021 and beyond. Aside from bringing energy back to the streets, projects will marry the virtual and physical realms through advanced platforms and relationships with exclusive local dealers.

Take a look at an excerpt from EBIT™ (Enjoy Being in Transition™)’s “Glen’s Nostalgic Momento” (Offline Project: EBIT002) with Glen Luchford and inaugural artwork from M/M (Paris) (Logo: EBIT001) above.

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