Elegance coach reveals what classy ladies NEVER do when eating meals

Elegance coach reveals the bad table manners that make YOU look common – including cutting salad leaves and holding a wine glass by the bowl

  • School of Affluence founder Anna Bey has shared her dining etiquette advice
  • Posting on YouTube,  she explained elegant people don’t cut their salad leaves
  • UK-based vlogger also advised against making a sandwich with table bread 

A vlogger has revealed the things classy ladies never do when eating meals – including cutting salad leaves and making sandwiches from table bread.

Anna Bey, who lives in London and has landed herself a wealthy banker boyfriend after following her sometimes controversial approach to how women should behave, has shared her dining etiquette advice in her latest YouTube video. 

The Swedish-born ‘School of Affluence’ founder says that women who operate in elegant social circles often commit the same etiquette mistakes, such as placing their wine glass in the wrong place and holding it incorrectly.   

Anna Bey, who lives in London, rounded up a selection of common dining etiquette mistakes in her latest YouTube video. Pictured: Anna explaining how not to eat salad


Anna says it’s important for women to educate themselves on how to correct their etiquette mistakes.

‘Elegant ladies never place the wine glass in the wrong place after they’ve had a sip,’ she explains, while holding a wine glass in her hand. 

She then goes on to place the water on the left and her wine glass on the right, closer to her plate, adding: ‘When you have a goblet as a water glass this is the correct position.’ 

She also goes on to explain that wine glasses should be held at the stem when drinking, rather than placing fingers around the bowl. 

And when it comes to refilling drinks, Anna has some very important words of wisdom.

‘If you’re going to refill your own glass, do not just refill your own glass,’ she says ”Always refill your table partner’s glass as well. They always go first, before you. Then you can refill your own.’


Anna (pictured) says it isn’t elegant to make a sandwich from table bread – and instead suggests breaking the bread into smaller pieces before applying the spread or topping 

The vlogger – who prides herself on teaching people how to date billionaires – says that elegant ladies should ‘never cut the salad leaves in the salad.’

She adds: ‘A salad leaf should be eaten as it is and never cut, so please do not make that mistake.’

Anna goes on to insist women should resist the urge to make a sandwich from the bread served on the table while dining at a restaurant.

‘This is not how you eat bread,’ she explains. ‘Instead ladies, you break up small bite-sized pieces and then you apply.’


School of Affluence founder Anna (pictured) says elegant ladies should never apply their makeup at the table 

Anna insists that elegant ladies never apply makeup at the table – adding ‘you go to the bathroom for this.’ 

And while everyone is prone to getting a runny nose every now and again, the elegance coach has some words of advice.

‘Ladies, I get a runny nose from time to time, but in no circumstance ever are you allowed to pull out your tissues and start blowing your nose like this in public,’ she says. ‘It just does not look elegant whatsoever.’

‘If you have a little emergency it’s OK to just quickly dab it but try to go to the restroom for anything related to the nose.’ 


Anna (pictured) insists that in no circumstance is it appropriate to pull out your tissues and start blowing your nose at the table

Anna moves on to discuss a common mistake she often witnesses – where knife and fork are placed on either side of the plate.

‘Elegant ladies never do the robocop,’ she says. ‘We do not rest our cutlery like this, when we are taking a break from eating. Instead this is how it’s done, like an inverted “V.”‘  

‘Elegant ladies know in which direction their knife should be poking. Never outward and always inwardly.’

She argues ‘robocop’ is not an appropriate way to eat – adding that she frequently spots the mistake – even amongst affluent circles. 


‘Elegant ladies, they never put their tissue on their plate, on the food, when the meal has ended,’ she says. ‘You just never do that.

‘In most formal etiquette your napkin is placed on the left side, if you’re eating in British style.’ 

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