Dua Lipa’s Grammy Speech Was The Self-Love Reminder We All Needed To Hear

More than one artist was cut off during their Grammy acceptance speeches on Sunday night. After she won for Best New Artist, Dua Lipa gave a speech that became the second one of the evening to be cut short by the music. But what the British artist said during her acceptance speech bears repeating. She spoke on the importance of honoring one’s own name and not being ashamed to be who you are. "No matter where you’re from, or your background, or what you believe in, never let that get in the way of you and your dreams, because you deserve it," she said.

Dua Lipa’s award for Best New Artist comes on the heels of an impressive few years, from her blockbuster 2017 single "New Rules" that launched her into stardom to her popular 2018 collaborations "Electricity" with Silk City and "One Kiss" with Calvin Harris, the latter of which she performed with St. Vincent at Sunday’s show, just before winning the Best New Artist Grammy.

Earlier in the evening, she won a Grammy in the only other category she was nominated in: Best Dance Recording for "Electricity." And that means Dua Lipa is currently two for two when it comes to turning Grammy nominations into wins. As such, her Best New Artist speech should’ve been a triumphant moment, yet unfortunately she spent most of her speech competing with the wrap-up music.

Lipa started the speech by stating how honored she was "to be nominated among so many incredible female artists this year. I guess this year we really stepped up," most likely referring to Grammy President Neil Portnow’s 2018 comments in response to the lack of wins for female artists at last year’s ceremony, when he said that he felt women needed "to step up" to compete. Later, in the press room, Lipa explained she made the comment because she felt like it was worth celebrating that so many women had been nominated in the Best New Artist category in 2019.

During her speech, she continued by thanking many people, including her fans, team, family, and a parade of others who helped her on her journey as an artist. It was at this point that the music began to play, and it was also at this point where Lipa’s speech turned from gracious to passionate.

Lipa gave a message of hope dedicated to "anyone that hasn’t realized how special they are to have a different story, a different background, to have a name that honors their roots because they just want to be ‘normal’ whatever the hell that means." Her plea to viewers to "never let [your differences] get in the way of you and your dreams" was a powerful one.

Alas, this message had to be projected over crescendoing orchestral music. Lipa finished her speech saying, "I’m proof that you can do whatever you put your mind to and however hard you work I really believe in it and I believe in you and I’m r—," at which point she was cut off and the Grammys went to commercial break.

The fact that this year’s Best New Artist was cut off is unfortunate, but Lipa’s recent success suggests she’ll have the opportunity to give another Grammy speech at some point in the next few years to make up for her lost words.

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