Drew Barrymore Reveals How She Really Feels About Her Ex-Husband's New Wife

“I absolutely worship the ground she walks on.”

Drew Barrymore can’t stop gushing over her ex-husband’s amazing new wife.

The 46-year-old actress appeared on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert this week and opened up about her relationship with her ex, Will Kopelman, and his new wife, Alexandra Michler. The two only recently tied the knot.

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“He just got remarried actually last week to this most amazing woman,” she told listeners. “This incredible woman Allie, and I just feel like I won the lottery with her, like, I really did. I feel like I’m lucky that there’s this new beautiful soul that came into our lives.”

Though she’s a big fan of Michler, Barrymore said she still does her best to be respectful of their relationship and doesn’t try to “be her best friend.” However, the actress said Kopelman’s new wife “knows that I absolutely worship the ground she walks on, and I’m her biggest cheerleader.”

“But I give them space. We hang out. We do dinners with all the kids, birthdays,” she explained. “We might take a trip together, we’re finding our way in a beautiful, slow, respectful manner.”

“I’m just so lucky because she came into Will’s life and got to know my daughters very well and very real, saw all the warts and all the hearts, everything in between,” she continued. “Literally was like, ‘I choose you.’ It’s a miracle, and I know miracles exist because I was so devastated that our relationship didn’t work out because I wanted this.”

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Barrymore and Kopelman tied the knot in 2012, but divorced after four years in 2016. The pair share two children Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7. Kopelman married Michler on August 28, 2021, in a Massachusetts ceremony where his daughters acted as flower girls.

Speaking of the two little ones, Drew also explained to Shepard why she doesn’t post photos of them that often on social media — though the two have expressed interested in being on camera.

“I want them to be kids. And I don’t put my kids on social media, I’m like a f—ing Doberman about them,” she shared. “They get in a bad mood when they realize they won’t be put on camera, but they know good god—n well why, because I’m like, ‘I want you to be kids!’”

Surprisingly, Barrymore says that she has gotten many parenting cues from director Stephen Spielberg, who became a fatherly figure to her while filming “E.T.” back in the day.

“He calls me his first kid,” she continued. “He was appalled by me wearing red lipstick or when I did ‘Playboy’.”

“He didn’t like me acting older than my age and that is how a parent is supposed to make you feel!” Barrymore added. “No one ever made me feel that way, and I didn’t even understand it when I was growing up, and now I’m like God, you really were the only fatherly person in my life.”

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