Don’t worry, ‘Friends’ is still here for you: Sitcom is NOT leaving Netflix (yet)

How you doin’? Probably much better, if you found  out “Friends” is staying on Netflix past New Year’s after all, despite many reports to the contrary.

Though some sitcom fans were alarmed by a notice that “Friends” episodes are available “until 1/1/19” on Netflix, there are no immediate plans to drop the show, an executive familiar with the show’s contract who was unauthorized to speak publicly about its status tells USA TODAY. As of Monday afternoon, that expiration date has been removed from the “Friends” page.  

So New Year’s Eve will not be the last day you can stream “The One With The Routine” on Netflix! Your “Friends” are still there for you.

Speculation remains that Warner Bros. will eventually pull all 10  seasons of “Friends” to put the episodes on Warner Media’s planned 2019 streaming service exclusively.

But judging by the swift social media reaction to the what appears to be a Netflix typo, “Friends” would’ve been missed with a hasty exit.

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