Donald Trump’s Coin Toss At The Army-Navy Football Game Is The Most Polarizing Thing On The Internet Today

Donald Trump’s coin flip at the Army-Navy football game was either an awesome, smooth moment or a total embarrassment — and apparently, there is very little in-between.

On Saturday, Trump made his first visit as president to the annual showdown of the armed forces academy’s football teams, the last regular season college football game before bowl season starts — which gives it a weekend all to itself. With the big audience watching, there was plenty of attention on Trump’s coin toss to start the game, and plenty of differing opinions on how good of a job he did.

As the Associated Press noted, attending the Army-Navy football game is a popular pastime for presidents, starting with the football-loving Teddy Roosevelt.

“[Trump] will be the 10th sitting president to attend, a tradition that began with Theodore Roosevelt in 1901,” the report noted. “Presidents, by custom, sit on the Army side of the stadium for one half and the Navy side for the other.”

Donald Trump took a moment to speak with the captains of both teams and gave the coin toss, where he showed off a unique technique for throwing the coin.

As the Daily Mail noted, the crowd in attendance at the game seemed to love the moment, giving a rousing cheer for the commander-in-chief of the armed forces as he flicked the coin skyward. But feelings on the internet were varied. As many pointed out, Trump did more of a “coin finger roll” than a toss, extending his arm upward and flicking it into the air.

The unusual style prompted more than a little bit of mocking on Twitter, which is always primed for making fun of Trump.

Others mocked Trump for not taking much time to visit U.S. troops. Trump has still not paid a visit to American troops stationed in war zones, something that all of his modern predecessors did frequently during their tenure. Saturday’s visit also came shortly after Trump announced the impending departure of Gen. John Kelly as his chief of staff.

But there were others who found Trump’s arm-flick coin toss to be pretty smooth, and praised him for taking time to support the troops and attend the game (and adhering to the presidential tradition of switching sides at halftime). And some contended that, with so many other scandals to hook into, it seemed a bit silly to make fun of Donald Trump for his coin tossing methods.

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