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Below Deck drama continues to rage as much on the Tuesday night show as it does on Twitter. Cast members often take to Twitter to use it as an interactive platform. Sometimes it even results in a surprising turn of events.

On Saturday, a previous tweet by Bravo superfan Chrissy Teigen took front and center. Teigen tweeted, “@Kate_Chastain TOP NOTCH EPISODE TONIGHT KATE just spectacular, you make me so happy.” The tweet was followed by a sea of adulations and comments. However, weeks later, former third stew Caroline Bedol caught the tweet and commented, “Is this a joke.” A significant amount of unanswered questions swirl around Bedol’s exit.

As far as Bedol’s comment was concerned it meant shots fired. What transpired, resulted in a wild Twitter exchange with the most unexpected ending.

Teigen fires back

In response to Bedol’s remark, Teigen tweets, “Girl don’t drag me into your sh*t here, I didn’t even say that for your last episode if you look at the date. loved the show, enjoyed watching you, but as someone who has had many crazy twitter moments, it looks like you are clearly becoming unhinged on here. breathe.”

Bedol reacts, “This woman gets paid by @TvbyBravo. THIS IS A NEW LEVEL OF INSANE.”

A follower commented, “Thank you, Chrissy! Caroline is completely losing her sh*t on Twitter. If people didn’t think she was a lunatic on the show, she’s sure taking care of that with her tweets!” To which Teigen adds, “It’s easy to lose your sh*t on here. But it’s good to just step back sometimes.”

Then Chastain throws gas on the fire

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In one of her cryptic (not cryptic) tweets, Chastain posts, “Well that escalated quickly.” Clearly, the tweet is in reference to the Bedol/Teigen exchange. She adds “@chrissyteigen take the wheel.”

A follower tweets, “You were right Kate until you made the locked door comment and played the music. She is a kook but you stepped over the line as a manager.” Chastain has remained silent and has not addressed the report about verbally abusive behavior toward Bedol while on charter. But responded, “I would never do that to a co-worker or employee but that wasn’t the case at the time was it.”

And then there was this turn of events

In a surprising (optimistic) turn of events, Bedol softened her approach. She reached back out to Teigen and wrote, “I lost ma sh*t. I am fighting the toughest fight ive known right now -I felt hurt. I feel alone. To see you praise Kate. It just made me sad and feel like no one will hear that what happened was so, so wrong. I need a chance. I’m just so alone.”  And takes Teigen’s advice, “Signing off (taking that break) All the best to you.”

Bedol took that breath and then adds, “@chrissyteigen I obviously owe you a big apology. I spit idiotic sh*t back at you because I panicked. I took your advice, and a breath and hope you’d reapproach this with me. When I read your tweet, I almost choked. I’ve always…#BelowDeck”

In true Teigen form, she gently writes back to Bedol. “It’s fine! All good. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with social media when it seems so big and people are coming at you because they think they know you. It’s an uphill battle here to defend yourself. You know you better than anyone. Screw the rest of the clutter.”

Bedol adds (before signing off that evening), “Sometimes all a girl needs is a little de-motivation from @chrissyteigen.” Whew!

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