Deer caught boxing each other on Texas homeowner’s security camera

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Don’t mess with deer.

A Texas resident caught an unusual sight on her home security cameras when two deer wandered onto her property at the same time. Apparently, the animals weren’t on friendly terms as they both ended up standing on their hind legs boxing each other.

Gay Isber Miller captured the footage during a family get-together at her home in Lake Somerville, Texas, Southwest News Service reports. At the start of the footage, a lone deer can be seen eating from a feeder Miller left out for them.

Then, another deer approaches, prompting the two animals to stand up and start swinging their front legs at each other.

“They’re well-fed deer so I don’t know why they feel they need to fight over it,” Miller told SWNS. “There are about 20 more pounds of corn they can eat, but they’re animals so they’re not thinking groceries, they’re thinking ‘I want that corn right there.’”

Miller explained that if she and her family hadn’t witnessed it in person, they might never have seen it.

“We just happened to be there,” she said, “otherwise we would have probably never seen it on our cameras.”

She also explained that the family put out the feeder, which contains corn, dried beets and dried apples, so that the family could witness deer while at the property. While they say they’ve seen fights before, this particular fight was a first.

Miller said, “We’ve seen it once before that same kind of a fight with them on their hind legs, but that was two bucks so this time we were like ‘look at that, it’s girls that are fighting.’ What’s unique and funny about this is they’re on their hind legs, and they’re in such fighting mood…they look like alien people.”

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