Daily horoscope for December 6: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by Venus and Neptune entwined together in the zodiac. This involves the pair completing their romantic chatter while the Leo Moon is null and void.

As a result, likely nothing can burst your love-bubble at the end of a well-earned weekend.

The conjoining of love planet Venus and master of romance Neptune may well mean exhilarating, romantic moments are on the agenda

You may also report feeling like you are walking on cloud nine during the day.

In such circumstances, fully embrace the feeling and allow your heart to be uplifted.

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This is the prime result of Neptune residing in Pisces, even more so when the planet messes with Venus as well as your heart.

As Venus and Neptune make sweet music together, the red planet Mars and the North Lunar Node also get in on the action.

This cosmic combination can be interpreted as urging you to take a risk.

Astrologers agree a good motto to follow on Sunday is: “Love is the only way.”

And another apposite saying, so popular it has become almost a cliché, is to “Follow your heart.”

A ground-breaking idea is fluttering away in your visual periphery and appears desperate for your attention.

The Moon kicks-off the day still in Leo where it remains void, meaning you are perhaps not fully mentally present.

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Not until Sunday draws to an end will the Moon enter the practical star sign Virgo and a reality check ensues.

So the best bet this Sunday is to not even bother and just go with the flow for the rest of the day.

Instead, why not make the most of this sexy, romantic vibe provided by Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio?

The Moon eventually enters Virgo, meaning many may feel ready to figure out what all these nagging thoughts are all about.

Some religiously-minded folk may think it is a sign of their Creator urging them on.

But even if not, you should feel ready and eager to accomplish some potentially ground-breaking idea, which is always a positive step.

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