Dad-to-be announces baby’s ‘signing’ in viral ‘transfer deadline day’ post

A football-obsessive broke the news of his baby's arrival in a ' transfer deadline day' announcement that has since gone viral.

Gillingham fan Sean McHugh, 26, and his partner Amy Jordan, 21, were delighted when doctors confirmed their first child was expected in March next year.

But instead of telling everyone straight away, Sean decided it would be more fun if he unveiled their 'new signing' on social media.

Friends and family were kept in suspense as he teased out news of the arrival in a series of deadline day-style Facebook posts on Monday.

McHugh, an electrical engineer from Herne Bay, Kent, says he formulated his innovative plan that morning but had only briefly discussed it with Amy.

At 11am he wrote on his Facebook profile: "Big news coming later today people… watch this space."

The pair travelled to hospital for their 12-week scan at about 1.30pm that day, but initially held off on making the news official.

Instead, they rushed to Gillingham F.C.'s megastore near the Priestfield Stadium to purchase a £30 shirt for the big reveal.

But Sean's plans hit a snag when he couldn't find a shop to print the baby's name as shops were beginning to close. Time was running out.

He told the Mirror Online: "I thought 'What have I done here?' I have to reveal the news or this is going to be a disaster."

Sean was determined to follow through and sent a further update on the new arrival's transfer status.

He wrote: "New signing set to be announced shortly – sounds of positive vibes incoming."

After calling "four of five different places", they were eventually able to find a shop that promised to stay open for them.

After it was completed, Sean was all clear to upload a snap of the special "McHugh" jersey, including two scan pictures and the arrival date on the back.

He said: "We are excited to announce that we have signed baby McHugh on a lifetime contract to the McHugh and Jordan family. His/hers contract is due to commence on the 24/03/2020.

"Don’t be fooled by the blue we don’t know the sex just yet"

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