Dad-of-22 goes on sperm donor tour to give women ‘DIY samples’ – even at airport

A sperm donor is on a mission to help women conceive.

Dad-of-22 Adam Hopper is willing to travel far and wide with his DIY insemination kits – even though he isn't paid for them.

He has two children of his own and has fathered a further 20 so people can start their own families.

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The 37-year-old is heading to Brisbane for 10 days for his latest stop – and he plans to visit the UK soon too.

Adam, from Western Australia, aims to give out instant sperm donations in a cup.

And hopeful mothers who have been unsuccessful getting help from conventional clinics are likely to take him up on his offer.

One woman who has used Adam’s services recently is Ingrid Stefaniw.

The Brisbane lass, 35, spent $13,000 AUD (around £7,500) on IVF treatment that was unsuccessful.

But after connecting with the sperm donor on Facebook and meeting up with him, she flew to Perth to collect a sample.

She is now 12 weeks pregnant and feels “safe” knowing her child will be able to connect with their biological father if they want to.

Unlike other sperm donors who remain anonymous until their kids are 18, Adam allows them to keep his photo and call him if wanted.

According to the Courier Mail, he said: “I want the kids to have a sense of knowing where they are from — too many donor children have to spend years trying to track down their fathers.”

Adam’s Facebook page, Sperm Donation Australia, has more than 1,500 members.

Some are preparing to meet up with the sperm donor when he is in Brisbane – including yoga teacher Greta French-Kennedy who plans to pick up a sample at the airport.

Others have said it would be a “dream come true” if they were able to connect with Adam in person.


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