Cruel builder kicks rat 30ft after pal smashes it with plank of wood

A rat has been attacked by two callous builders who smashed it with a plank of wood before kicking it 30ft in the air.

The pair's identities are now being hunted by animal rights campaigners who are calling for them to be prosecuted.

The shocking clip shows the startled rat running from under a pile of rubble on a building site, desperately trying to reach safety.

As it runs across the open land, a builder wearing a white hard hat attempts to squash the creature under a plank of wood.

But just as it appears the rodent has escaped a near-death, another workman takes a running kick and boots it more than 10 metres through the air – where it meets a 'violent' end among heaps of building materials.

The appalling video has been viewed more than 6.1million times and retweeted more than 112,000 times, with angry viewers branding it 'unnecessarily cruel' and 'disgusting'.

Animal rights activists have slammed the footage – with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) calling for authorities to track down the two men before other animals are hurt.

PETA claimed the clip shows that the builders 'value bullying over brains' and slammed them for having 'an utter disregard for decency' – however it is not known where the clip was filmed.

Elisa Allen, the director of PETA, said: "This video shows an utter disregard for decency, a total lack of empathy, and the sort of men who value bullying over brains.

"Rats have the capacity to experience pain and fear, just as humans do.

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