‘Cowardly act of vandalism’ by arsonists won’t end Packham’s environmental activism

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The TV presenter, 60, caught the attackers on CCTV as they drove up to his Hampshire home and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The anti-hunting advocate, who has found dead animals on his gates many times, called it a “vicious, cowardly act of vandalism”. He said on Twitter: “I wonder what happens next. Do they burn the house down, beat up my step-daughter, cut the brake lines on my partner’s car, or do they come for me directly?

“Are they going to kill me at some point? I think it’s a fair question.”

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But he warned the arsonists “you burned down the wrong gates”, adding: “If you think… I’m suddenly going to become a supporter of unsustainable or illegal shooting, the unwarranted savagery brought upon foxes in our countryside when they are torn to pieces by dogs, you’re wrong.”

He then urged his followers who are members of the National Trust to vote for the banning of trail hunting on their properties.

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