Could YOUR old IKEA furniture be worth a fortune?

Could YOUR old IKEA furniture be worth a fortune? Armchair that cost £20 in 1959 sells for £15,500 at auction

  • An IKEA armchair worth £20 sold for a whopping £15,500 at auction
  • The Cavelli armchair was purchased from the Swedish furniture store in 1959
  • Some famous Ikea designs by leading artists can become collector’s items

IKEA furniture items are becoming antiques after a £20 armchair sold for a whopping £15,500 at auction.

The Cavelli armchair, which is just one of five made in that style, was purchased from the Swedish furniture behemoth in 1959.

As well as the chair, a £2 wall print, a recliner and other armchairs also made big bucks at the Barneby’s sale. 

IKEA furniture items are becoming antiques after a £20 Bengt Ruda’s unusual Cavelli armchair (pictured)  sold for a whopping £15,500 at auction

Other IKEA items have also sold for several times their original price under the hammer.  

The flat-pack giant’s customers are being urged not to ditch their furniture as keeping and selling the items could pay for their children’s university fees.  

A print named The girls go in the ring, which was made for IKEA in 1972, sold for more than 100 times its original price at £290.

A pair of Skopa armchairs designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen and Torben Lind and purchased for less than a fiver sold for £210.

Lars Norrman’s £2 multi-print called ‘The girls go in the ring’ was made for Ikea in 1972 and was recently sold for £290

Karin Mobring’s £16 armchairs named Admiral were designed in 1971 and a pair sold at auction for almost £1,200

A pair of £4.50 Skopaâ armchairs, designed by Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and Torben Lind, were sold for £210

Another £8 Åke armchair from the late 1950s sold for an astonishing £2,836.

Pontus Silfverstolpe, antiques expert and founder of Barnebys said: ‘The flat package fortune continues to surprise the auction world, but we have more peaks to look forward to.

‘It is especially designer furniture from the 1950s and 1980s from Ikea that costs more and more on the second-hand market.

‘The furniture that is most attractive to collectors and design enthusiasts is that they are innovative designs for their time, made of good materials and in a limited edition or manufacturing period.

Designer Niels Gammelgaard’s £23 armchair called Oti designed in 1986 sold at auction for £875 in 2016

Vintage: In April 2022, Ikea’s £8 armchair Ã…ke from 1958 sold for a massive £2,863 at auction 

This chair known as Impala was designed for Ikea to sell at £80 in 1972, sold at auction for £2,000

A £160 recliner Skye was designed for Ikea in the 1980s. In September 2020, the recliner sold for £770

‘Some of these famous Ikea designs by leading artists can be considered collector’s items and have become a hard currency at auction.

‘It would not surprise me if in time some of this furniture ends up in one of the world’s major design museums.

‘Ikea’s founder Ingvar Kamprad has been our biggest role model for Swedish entrepreneurship for decades.

‘In the same way that he democratised an entire industry in his quest to furnish people’s home, Barnebys’ ambition is to democratise the auction industry and get the whole world to buy sustainable, quality furniture from the secondary market at a time when excessive consumption is called into question.’

A modest pair of armchairs from Ikea’s eighteenth-century series from the 1990s, were sold at auction for £2,150

A dining room group in model Monaco from the 1960s was sold for £412. Original price per chair £5

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