Colourful optical illusion has hidden number – but half of people can’t find it

An optical illusion is causing quite a headache online as not many people can figure it out.

The image, which was created by Jackpotjoy, has a hidden number lurking in it – and it's not easy to spot.

It is made up of two digits and if you can't see it, you could be here for a while.

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So you could try this optical illusion with a friend and see who finds it first.

Just don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below…

Roughly half of people can spot the hidden number in this colourful confetti illusion.

The image was tested on 100 people back in July 2022.

And if you're really struggling, we can reveal the hidden number is 20.

Alex Fagelson, head of brand at Jackpotjoy, said: "We are celebrating a birthday here and it's actually the number hidden."

He added: "Another hint to crack these tricky illusions is to zoom out or make the images smaller.

"Suddenly the secret number will be revealed! Good luck to everyone who cracks this puzzle."

Looking for more optical illusions? Previously an image totally baffled the internet as it shows a woman waiting at an airport.

In the picture, it shows the female waiting at a German airport while wearing black jeans and some Vans trainers.

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