Christina Ricci Talks with Sydney Sweeney About Filming Nude Scenes…and How It's Changed

"I would talk to crew members naked because I wanted everybody around me to stop reacting to it, because then I would forget that I was naked."

Christina Ricci and Sydney Sweeney are opening up about shooting intimate scenes.

During a conversation for Variety’s “Actors on Actors,” the “Yellowjackets” star, 42, and “Euphoria” actress, 24, detailed their experiences filming sex and nude scenes, and also discussed how the industry has changed when it comes to women being able to express their comfort levels before stripping down on set.

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While sex scenes in “Euphoria,” in which Sweeney stars as Cassie, happen often, Ricci revealed that she hasn’t filmed one “in a couple years.”

“I’m at that age where they don’t ask you to do them so much anymore,” she said with laugh, adding, “I don’t really enjoy them.”

Sweeney, on the other hand, said, “I weirdly become very confident with my body through Cassie.”

This prompted Ricci to recall how she handled starring in a film in which she was required to be “naked pretty much the entire time.”

“The thing that made me more uncomfortable was other people being uncomfortable with me being naked,” she said. “So what I did — and you probably wouldn’t be allowed to do this now — I just stayed naked.”

“I was like, ‘Don’t make me feel weird, like I’m the person who has to be ashamed,'” Ricci added. “I just stayed naked. I would talk to crew members naked because I wanted everybody around me to stop reacting to it, because then I would forget that I was naked.”

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Sweeney called Ricci’s decision “kind of like a power move,” to which the latter joked, “Throw my five-foot-one stature around here. You’re going to have to look at my boobs. Sorry!”

“But it’s one of the only times I’ve ever actually really felt comfortable being naked on camera,” Ricci said.

Meanwhile, Sweeney also alluded to how often she discusses sex and nude scenes, to which Ricci agreed, saying, “I read a few of your interviews and saw you on ‘Ellen.’ I just thought to myself, ‘Oh gosh, she must be so sick of talking about being naked and having sex on camera!”

Sweeney pointed out how there’s “a lot of conversation” and “so much fascination” about intimate scenes, “but then not enough conversation about the violence that’s on TV all the time.”

In response, Ricci highlighted “something that was discussed” during Season 1 of “Yellowjackets.”

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“This idea of how porn shapes young people’s expectation of sex,” she said. “It never even occurred to me, this whole idea that young men would think that that is how you have sex. That was a horrifying realization for me. I have a 7-year-old boy. And I was like, ‘OK, we’re going to have a big conversation about what’s real and what’s not.”

“But that to me seems like the bigger conversation besides the sex scenes,” she added.

Sweeney agreed, before referencing a previous Cassie storyline from “Euphoria” as an example. “There was a storyline of what is happening in Cassie and the sexualization that’s happening in Cassie because of her nude photos that got leaked,” she explained, “and just the perception of others on her because she has boobs.”

“I see that happening to me in real life, even though everyone watched ‘Euphoria.’ I go, ‘Did you not learn?'” she added, to which Ricci chimed in, “‘Did you miss the point?'”

The “Casper” star went on to point out how filming “Yellowjackets” made her realize how sets have changed as it pertains to everyone’s comfort levels.

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“With the conversations that were had on our set about intimacy and people’s comfort, it was the first time I realized that things have really changed, and women are now allowed to say, ‘I’m not comfortable,'” she shared.

Ricci then shared an unpleasant on-set experience from the past.

“I remember once on a movie saying I wasn’t comfortable with something and they threatened to sue me if I didn’t do it,” she recalled, noting “that would never happen now.”

“What? Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” Sweeney responded to which Ricci replied, “It was fine. I didn’t do it anyway. And they didn’t sue me.”

Meanwhile, earlier in the conversation, Sweeney discussed working with an intimacy coordinator on “Euphoria,” which she has spoken about in the past. Ricci expressed her curiosity as she said she hasn’t worked with an intimacy coordinator before.

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As Ricci pointed out how actresses can now voice if they aren’t comfortable filming a nude scene, Sweeney said she’s “never felt uncomfortable” shooting a sex scene, sharing that “Euphoria” is a “very safe environment.”

“It’s really interesting, because it’s kind of like a stunt coordinator for a sex scene. They bring in tools,” the “Voyeurs” actress said of intimacy coordinators, to which Ricci asked what type of “tools” they use.

“Sometimes there’s yoga mats that you can put in between each other. Or there’s like pads that you can put, or yoga blocks — there’s some weird stuff,” Sweeney replied, adding that prior to filming a scene the intimacy coordinator will “come into your trailer and talk to you one-on-one.”

“And even if you have agreed to something, they ask you on the spot. on the day, ‘Did you change your mind? Because you can,'” she shared. “It’s really nice. I’ve never felt uncomfortable.”

Check out Ricci and Sweeney’s full conversation in the video, above.

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