Cheap Halloween costumes for pets from Asda, B&M and Pets at Home

THE spookiest time of year is approaching and while trick or treating is probably off this year's celebrations, you can still enjoy Halloween with your furry friend.

Pet costumes on sale this year will make them look gorgeously ghoulish and frighteningly fluffy – and they start from just £1.50.

Here's what you can buy at Asda, B&M and Pets at Home this year to turn them into a spooky spectacle for Howl-oween.


Horror headbands £2

Choose from a googly-eyed spider or devil horns to adorn your dog's noggin, costing just £2 and you'll also find a spooky skeleton jumper for £4 and bat wings for just £3.

The range is available online and in stores, but you'll have to pay for delivery if you buy online. How much depends on the size of your order and when it's delivered.


Chilling collars £2

If you're keeping things on the simpler side, B&M's has a jester style orange collar covered in cobwebs and there's also a skull print bow tie which attaches to your cat or dog's existing collar.

Spooky jumpers £3

For a dog that's not a fan of costumes, there are fun knitted jumpers that will keep them warn and feel festive too.

There are four designs featuring bats, a monster face, ghosts and a pumpkin.

Prices start at £3 for extra small to small size and are only £1 more for medium to extra large.

How to keep your pet safe and happy

Make sure your pet is comfortable wearing costumes – it’s not something all animals like and you shouldn’t force them. Here’s Pets at Home’s advice for pet owners.

  • Giving your dog space: it’s important for them to feel like they have a choice and that they can escape if they’re uncomfortable, as opposed to feeling cornered or threatened
  • Making the experience a positive one: only let them wear outfits for a few minutes at a time initially and give them their favourite treats to create a positive association
  • Introducing accessories or costumes gradually: it can take time and it’s not something you can always jump straight into
  • Looking out for signs of them becoming overwhelmed or upset: including tucking their tail under, flattening their ears, turning their head away or easily missed signs such as licking their lips or yawning; it’s important they’re never ignored
  • Never forcing your pet: if they become overwhelmed or upset, your pet can still join in the fun with simpler, less intrusive accessories like collar sliders and bandanas

In addition to ensuring pets are comfortable with any sort of clothing, owners should also be vigilant around any hazards that may be present during special events, for example, foods or plants that may be poisonous to pets, and any items which could be swallowed or cause choking.

Creepy costumes £5

You'll also find more elaborate costumes that turn you pooch into a pumpkin, Frankenstein monster, bat or spider for just £5 for extra small and small or £6 for medium to extra large.

B&M also has a selection of Halloween themed rope, squeaky and plush toys priced from £2 to £6.

You can see all B&Ms pet Halloween costumes here, but you can only them in store.

Pets at Home

Halloween hat £1.50

This simple witches hat can spook-up your pet for only £1.50 and there's a bat hat too priced at £3.

Skull and spider bow ties cost £4 and are an easy touch for pets (or people) who don't want to go full costume.

Wicked wings £7

You can strap some dragon, bat or angel wings to your dog with Pets at Home's decorated harnesses.

The harness itself is like a normal one you would use for a dog and is more suited to pooches who don't like dressing up.

Chilling costumes £7

Pets at Home's full costumes include a pumpkin, spider, lion and unicorn and are priced at £7.

There's also a selection of jumpers with Halloween prints and patterns like skeletons and pumpkins and even a doggy tutu too, costing £10.

You'll also find Halloween themed toys, poop bags and doggy treats for between £2 and £3.

You can find some of Pets at Home's Halloween goodies online and in store. Delivery is free for orders over £39 or

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