Charles appears relaxed for Sunday church service despite latest set of blows in bombshell claims from Meghan pal's book | The Sun

KING Charles appeared relaxed for a Sunday church service despite the latest bombshell claims from Omid Scobie's book.

Meghan and Harry's biographer Scobie has already made some startling claims in Endgame, including attempts to portray a rift between King Charles and eldest son Prince William.

Scobie claims that the the father and son are on a “collision course to become rivals”.

But the monarch shrugged off the swipes from the royal biographer while appearing at the church service at at St. Mary Magdalene church in Sandringham, Norfolk.

Clutching an umbrella in his right hand the King was seen confidently strolling through the grounds on a crisp Sunday morning.

A smartly-dressed Charles was then seen warmly-greeting a member of the church.

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The book — to be released on Tuesday — also quotes an unnamed source who reportedly says heir to the throne William views Charles as a “transitional monarch”.

Scobie describes the pair as having “clashing approaches and opinions”.

One extract states: “Their views, their outlooks, are very different, and I can see that becoming an issue over the years ahead.”

The leaked version of the book, which is being serialised in a French magazine, blasts Charles numerous times.

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It accuses him of being pampered and alleges the late Queen would repeatedly complain about his “extravagantly luxurious lifestyle”.

It reports a rumour that Charles has a servant squeeze his toothpaste — but The Sun on Sunday understands that the King just needed help during a short period after breaking an arm in a polo accident.

And damagingly, it alleges Buckingham Palace aides said before the Queen’s death that Charles did not have “the moxie or the vision to be king”.

It also claims Charles is a lavish spender who makes “gobsmacking” demands — and launched an attack on Princess of Wales Kate.

Scobie, dubbed "Meghan's mouthpiece", smeared Kate as “pliable” in the book and said that her achievements were exaggerated.

In an interview published yesterday to plug Endgame, the author said: "The small achievements that we've seen from the Princess of Wales wouldn't perhaps be noticed if it was from another member of the Royal Family, but with Kate it's like 'wow!'"

Scobie added that "we infantilise [Kate] massively so the bar is always lower".

Now, the Sunday Times reports that in Scobie's book the Princess is "portrayed as a woman terrified to do anything more than grinning photo ops".


But others have hit back ahead of the bombshell book's release on Tuesday.

Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection for the Met Police, said: “This is clearly a hatchet job. I don’t know the relationship between father and son but they have always seemed close to me.

“I wouldn’t trust a word this Scobie says — and where he gets his sources from is debatable.

“People like this know it’s very rare for the royals to comment and we’ve had enough from Harry’s camp for a lifetime. This is just another publicity-seeking stunt.

“This sounds like an attempt to drive a wedge between the King and William.”

Scobie co-wrote Finding Freedom, the sympathetic bestseller about Harry and Meghan, and has been dubbed the couple’s “cheerleader-in-chief” but denies this.

In an interview with The Sunday Times magazine this weekend, Scobie repeated his scathing attack on The Firm.

He said last night: “It would take a lot to dismantle the British Royal Family. But could William be the last king as we know it? Absolutely.

“The book isn’t hammering the final nail in the coffin. It’s just a reality check.”

It had looked like the relationship between the Sussexes and Charles was thawing when it emerged they spoke to him on his 75th birthday and played a video of grandkids Archie, four, and two-year-old Lilibet singing Happy Birthday.

And it was claimed that Harry and Meghan made it clear they would accept an invitation to Sandringham for Christmas.


Scobie attacks the monarchy more broadly, calling it an “anachronistic, intolerant organisa­tion steeped in bigotry and privilege”.

Scobie also claimed William had been behind briefings to the Press that brother Harry was “mentally fragile”.

William is said to be a hot-headed “company man” and “an heir increasingly comfortable with the Palace’s dirty tricks and the courtiers who dream them up”.

Meanwhile, in one section describing William’s wife Kate, Scobie writes: “Unlike strong-minded Diana who, saddled with a cruel and taxing marriage, proved to be a woman unwilling to fully submit to the royal cause, so far Kate has been a much more teachable, pliable future Queen.”

And he hints that future Queen Kate is hypocritical for advocating on mental health causes while supposedly ignoring Meghan’s “cries for help” while she was a working member of the Royal Family.

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