Caribbean tourist hotspot doesn’t want Sex Island’s hookers and drugs

Sex Island’s sojourn in Trinidad and Tobago might be incredibly short-lived.

The four-day cocaine-and hooker-filled party revealed on Monday that their “secret location” was actually a private resort on an island off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. A representative from Sex Island also said that authorities in the tiny Caribbean nation gave them permission to hold the event.

However, on Tuesday authorities in the tiny Caribbean nation struck back saying that not only had they never heard of Sex Island, but they also promised to shut it down.

“It’s definitely not going to happen, there’s no such plan whatsoever,” Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith told local news station CNC3. “I can give the assurance that before the first joint is lighted before the first lap dance is had that will never happen.”

“There’s absolutely no way that something as organized and promoted as this can happen in Trinidad and Tobago waters.”

Griffith went on to explain that there are no private islands that fit the Sex Island description and that his department actively works to shut down prostitution in Trinidad and Tobago because “human trafficking is a very serious crime.”

When asked about Sex Island by CNC3 reporter Akash Samaroo National Security Minister Stuart Young bolstered Griffth’s hardline position saying: “I shall be giving instructions to authorities including the [Trinidad and Tobago Police Service] and Immigration that this is not to be permitted in Trinidad and Tobago. I have already passed this NY Post article onto law enforcement.”

A representative for Sex Island, however, was undeterred by the threats from Young and Griffith.

“No government official is going to tell the media ‘Yes we open sex island with open arms,’” the representative told The Post.

“We are not worried about having the event in Trinidad because we had the event last year and a private event every other month in Trinidad without issues.”

Sex Island’s 2018 issues with Trinidad and Tobago are eerily similar to the problems encountered with last year’s event which was originally supposed to go down in Colombia where prostitution is both legal and highly regulated.

When news of Sex Island went viral, Colombian authorities cracked down and threatened to arrest any foreigners who attended the event.

With their event in shambles, the five men who created Sex Island relocated to the resort and private island off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago where, for the past year, they’ve been hosting private sex-tourism events that cost at least $10,000 per person.

Those private events are catered to the rich and famous, the rep for Sex Island told The Post, while the annual blowout event scheduled for Dec. 14-17 is meant for the everyman who has $4,500 to blow on a four-day, three-night sexual extravaganza, according to the company’s website.

For their money, guests each have access to two prostitutes as well as get unlimited food and drinks. Sex Island employees also act as go-betweens for guests and drug dealers who sell everything from cocaine to “toothy,” a pink powder that is like a cross between cocaine and the party drug MDMA.

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