Cardi B’s fans confused by her bizarre sneaker heels

Cardi B’s footwear game defies the laws of gravity.

The rapper, 26, posted an Instagram photo of herself clad in a pair of head-scratching, sky-high sneaker wedges by DSquared2 on Wednesday, and her fans weren’t quite sure what to make of the bizarre shoes.

“Am I really seeing shoes stacked on shoes, or am I just high?” one commenter asked, while another wrote, “Rich people wear any f—n thing and think that s—t look ok … not this time sis.” Yet another joked, “When you gotta stay 2 steps ahead of the haters.”

But perhaps this fan put it best: “I’m so rich my shoes got shoes.”

Cardi, who paired her polarizing sneakers with a quilted orange jacket and skirt set by Shane Justin, is famous for her head-turning fashion choices. In the past few months alone, she’s worn $5,000 gloves made entirely out of gold watches, a 3D-printed Balenciaga look worth thousands and tiger-inspired body paint.

The “Drip” rapper was also recently announced as the new face of Reebok, so perhaps these head-scratching sneakers are just research for her new gig.

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