Candace Cameron Bure Hospitalized After Brother Kirk Ran Her Over In Go-Karting Accident

Poor Candace Cameron Bure landed in the hospital after a fun outing with her fam went wrong! See pics of Candace and find out what happened, here!

DJ Tanner down! Candace Cameron Bure, 42, shocked fans on Instagram when she posted video on December 6 of herself lying in a hospital bed with bruises on her face. Please don’t worry; Candace is totally fine. But what landed her in the emergency room is downright shocking. She was having a fun outing with her with her brother, actor Kirk Cameron, and sisters, Melissa and Bridgette Cameron, when they suffered a go-karting accident. “Went go-karting with my brother and two sisters. I’ve been released now, but was in the ER,” the Fuller House star said in her video. “Clearly I am fine … but got some damage to my hand, but it’s not broken, and my shoulder, but it’s not broken.”

She revealed that Kirk ran her over with his go-kart! She didn’t go into detail about how he managed to do that, but stuff happens. She posted a photo of her bloodied hand and mangled engagement and wedding rings on her Instagram story, saying she was thankful that the paramedics didn’t have to cut them off. “Our fun family day ended up with me in the emergency room,” she said. “They got my rings off and that was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. I’m fine! I’m just really bruised, which is amazing to me. I’m honestly shocked there’s nothing broken. It’s all good, I’m good.”

“Those used to be perfectly round rings until they caught the underside of the go-kart as it drove on top of me,” she captioned the pic of her lopsided rings. “Getting them off was excruciating. But I’m grateful the ER paramedic was able to do it without cutting them off.”

What’s a family reunuion without a trip to the ER ?? Click on my “Insta-story” for more on this fun-filled siblings day! ????

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We hope Candace has a speedy recovery, and that her brother gave her a huge apology for literally running her over with a go-kart!

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