Can you tell the bargain furniture from the high end?

One of these designer pieces costs £900 more than its cut-price lookalike – but can YOU tell the high-end buys from lookalikes from Asda, Dunelm and Wilko?

  • Bargain brands like ASDA and Wilko creating cheap versions of stylish designs 
  • Some of these high-end items cost as much as £1,149 while the lookalike is £379
  • Do you have an eye for bargains and can you make out cheap from expensive?

Finding stylish pieces to decorate your home can be an expensive endeavour – but these designer lookalikes prove that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Thankfully, bargain brands including ASDA, Dunelm and Wilko, have very similar furniture options so you can satisfy your taste for the finer things in life without completely compromising your budget. 

But, do you have what it takes to make out the high-end items from their cheaper lookalikes? Some of these examples from British stores fetch nearly £1,200 while copies can be purchased for a third of that price. 

Scroll down to see the designer and bargain products side-by-side and check the answers at the bottom. 


Can you tell which of these tripod lamps is high-end and which one is more budget-friendly?


One of these green ottoman beds cost more than £1,000 while the other costs less than half, but can you tell which one?


Nests of tables are very popular. Can you tell which of these two costs more than £200 and which doesn’t?


They may be shaped like 50p coins, but one of these octagonal mirrors will cost you a pretty penny  


These two clothes racks are very similar, but there prices are very different – which do you think will cost more? 


One of these ladder bookshelves is above £500 but can you tell which one? 


Is the vase on the right or the one on the left the most expensive of the two? 


Which of these two Chesterfield sofas will cost you the most? The one on the left or the one on the right


One of these cosy throws costs a lot more than the other, can you tell which one it is?


1. Left is more expensive 

Pictured left: The Chicago tripod lamp from Made, £199. Pictured right: Mallen Tripod Floor Lamp by Borough Wharf, £58.99

2. Left is more expensive 

Pictured left: King size bed and ottoman in bottle green by Made, £1,149.00. Pictured right: Safina King Size Ottoman Bed in Dark Green by Furniture123, £369.97

3. Right is more expensive 

Pictured left: Elvina Three Piece Nest of Tables, by Andover Mills, £65.38. Pictured right: Duhrer Nest of Three Tables, John Lewis & Partners, £350

4. Left is more expensive  

Pictured left: Bowie Octagonal Metal Frame Mirror, John Lewis, £249. Pictured right: Accent Mirror, by 17 Stories, £69.99

5. Right is more expensive 

Pictured left: Heavy Duty Black Clothes Rails Garment Home Shop Storage Display, Complete Retail Source £22 ;  Right: Single Garment Rack, Onbuy, £169.43

 6. Right is more expensive 

Pictured left: Nautical Wooden Ladder Shelves White from Dunelm, £45. Pictured right: Despagne Ladder Bookcase by August Grove, £946.49

7. Right is more expensive  

Pictured left: Simple Modern Black/White Ceramic Art Vase, Wish, £7. Pictured right: Mirabelle tall ceramic vase, Aerin, £600

8. Left is more expensive 

Pictured left: Milton 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa by Willa Arlo Interiors, £1,019.99. Pictured right: KARIN 3 seater sofa, SLF24, £625

9. Right is more expensive 

Pictured left: Supersoft Mauve Plush Throw from Asda, £5. Pictured right: John Lewis & Partners Premium Faux Fur Throw, Soft Pink, £95 

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