Camila Cabello Addresses Shawn Mendes Engagement Speculation After Wearing Ring on That Finger

The singer dropped by Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” on Thursday where she promptly blamed her mother for the whole thing.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are one of the hottest couples in entertainment right now, but just how much of a couple are they? Camila recently sparked a slew of rumors across social media when she was spotted with a ring on that finger.

Could they be stealth engaged? Well, there was no way Jimmy Fallon was going to let her make a “Tonight Show” appearance without doing the kind of hard-hitting journalism that’s been a staple of his career since “Weekend Update.”

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Camila brought it on herself when she posted a dancing TikTok video where she was clearly wearing a ring on her engagement finger. And yet, devoted followers of both her and Shawn’s social media pages have seen no sign of an engagement announcement — unless, they’re holding out for a magazine exclusive?

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No, it turns out the answer is far simpler than that. “No, guys!” Camila said even before Jimmy could ask if Shawn had proposed. She did let him ask, then, answering again, “He has not, and I am not engaged.”

As it turns out, the reason she was sporting the ring was very simple. Some long-accepted and understood traditions aren’t quite making it down the generations as effectively as they used to, and the engagement finger is apparently one of them.

“I swear to god, I don’t know what hand the engagement ring goes on, so sometimes I’ll just like put it on my ring finger,” Camila confessed, blaming her mother for her lack of knowledge.

“My parents are married, and they both lost their ring,” she said. “Literally, my mom couldn’t tell me, either. She could save me from this, but she doesn’t because she doesn’t know, either.”

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She then quizzed Jimmy about which hand it is and he clearly had no confidence in his own answer: “It’s the left hand … right?”

“You don’t even know,” Camila trumpeted in response. “Is this common knowledge?” It may be that it isn’t as much anymore, but at one time it certainly was.

Jimmy’s excuse was that his wedding ring doesn’t fit — maybe people don’t know about ring resizing anymore, either — so he doesn’t wear it, joking that he has a back tattoo that says he’s married.

If we had to speculate, we’d say lower back is for when you’re single, and upper back is married — with engagement falling somewhere in between.

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