Bully held knife to toddler’s throat before repeatedly stabbing ex in face

A man threatened to kill his ex’s toddler and held a blood-stained knife to the tot’s throat.

It came after Gary Douglas repeatedly stabbed his ex in the face and neck before threatening the two-year-old.

He’s now been jailed for eight years and eight months.

In shocking scenes, the controlling bully launched a sustained attack on his former partner while filled with paranoid jealousy because she had ended their relationship.

A court heard out-of-control Douglas attacked her while she was holding her two-year-old, strangling her and stabbing her numerous time after telling her he was going to kill her.

She finally got away from him and sought refuge with a neighbour but when police turned up he had her toddler under his arm, held a knife to his throat and threatened to kill the terrified child, who had blood all over his face.

Police eventually shot the 31-year-old with a taser and he was arrested.

Now the plasterer has been branded dangerous – particularly to any future partners – as he was jailed for eight years and eight months at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard Douglas had known the victim for around 18 months, and they were in a relationship for six months.

In the run up to the attack he had been "hounding" her, wanting to get back together.

On May 2, he smashed her window, showering glass on a child.

Three days later she received threatening text messages, including one which said "I’m going to kill you, just watch".

There were further threats on May 29 and two days later things took a more sinister turn.

The victim was at home in Gateshead with her mother and children, aged two and five, when Douglas messaged her asking if he could come round, but she said no.

Around 11pm she was asleep in bed with her two-year-old son when she became aware Douglas had let himself in and heard her mother challenging him and threatening to call the police.

He said he wasn’t bothered if she did and "appeared off his head on drink and drugs".

Prosecutor Robin Turton told the court: "He pulled out a bottle of ammonia and a knife and he said ‘you’re dead tonight’.

"He came into the lounge saying ‘you are going to f*****g die tonight and I’m going to kill myself’.

"He stabbed himself in the chest with the knife and challenged them to phone the police then would threaten them not to.

"He was out of control and would not listen to reason.

"They were terrified and (one of the young children) was upset upstairs."

The woman went to comfort the toddler and came downstairs with him.

Mr Turton said: "The defendant slapped the complainant across the face and gripped both hands around her neck, strangling her and lifting her clean off the floor. The child was screaming and terrified.

"She tried to run away but was caught on the decking and he was on top of her as she tried to protect her son. She shouted ‘I’ve got the bairn, I’ve got the bairn’.

"She felt a warm liquid across her face, which was her blood. He was stabbing her.

"She tried to put her thumbs into his eyes and he grabbed her mother when she tried to intervene.

"The complainant shouted ‘you’ve killed my baby’ and he shouted back ‘I hope I have’."

She tried to make a run for it round the side of her house but the gate was locked and she couldn’t get away.

Douglas stabbed her in the back then pushed the knife slowly into her neck on the left side.

When the attacked paused, she got over the gate and "cowered on the wheelie bin, believing she was going to die".

He then returned and she fled to the sanctuary of a neighbour’s home.

By the time the police arrived he was at the upstairs window with a knife in his hand and covered in blood.

Mr Turton said: "He threatened to kill the police and said he would stab himself and the children if the police didn’t leave.

"He had a small male child under his arm and he repeated the threats, holding a knife to the boy’s throat before stabbing himself in the chest and cutting his own throat.

"The police forced entry and the defendant was holding the youngster and a knife in his hands.

"Both children were distressed. [The toddler] had his face covered in blood and smeared all over his body."

Douglas, of no fixed address, was tasered and arrested.

The young child only had minor injuries but his mum was left with a number of wounds, including eight to her neck and face – two of which were to her eyelids – as well as lacerations to her arm and back, a fractured nose, cuts to her hands and bruising.

The wound to her neck was 5cm deep and narrowly missed major arteries.

She has been left with visible scarring to her neck and eye, is still in pain, has panic attacks and she and her daughter are awaiting counselling.

Douglas has previous convictions for wounding, having an offensive weapon, robbery, assault, affray and attacking another previous partner.

He pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, possessing an offensive weapon and affray and was given an extended sentence of eight years eight months plus a further three years on licence.

Judge Tim Gittins said Douglas should have been brought to his senses when the woman came downstairs with the toddler.

Judge Gittins described Douglas’ threats to stab the terrified children after barricading himself in a room as "cowardly".

Rachel Hedworth, mitigating, said: "He can’t put into words how sorry he is for what took place, he is at a complete and utter loss to explain what went on and what his thought process was at the time."

She said the plasterer has had mental health issues from a young age and that there’s "a different side to Gary Douglas".

She added: "He can’t stress enough how sorry he is."

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