Boy dinner? Woman rates her partner's shocking meals

Girlfriend shares her partner’s most disgusting ‘Boy Dinners’ – after TikTok trend saw women sharing their artfully-arranged meals

  • Lucy Alice, who lives in London, made a TikTok video about her partner’s meals
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A woman has shared some of the bizarre meals her boyfriend tucks into when she’s away – including frankfurters and ketchup and an instant noodle sandwich.

Lucy Alice, who lives in London, made a TikTok video showing the gruesome meals  to her 65,000 followers. 

She accompanied the clip, which garnered more than 30,000 views, with a short caption that simply read: ‘Rating my boyfriend’s food, boy dinner.’

The caption was a reference to the ‘girl dinner’ trend that recently went viral on TikTok, and involves women sharing plates of assorted snacks which together form a mezze-style platter.

Thousands of women from across the world have participated in this trend, sharing the relatable meals they make when they are dining alone, or unable for whatever reason to cook a proper meal.

Lucy Alice, who lives in London , made a TikTok video showcasing her partner’s meals to her 65,000 followers

However, while the ‘girl dinners’ often showcase appealing and cohesive food combinations, the ‘boy dinner’ alternatives shared by Lucy in her video were not quite as appetising.

The clip opens with Lucy, who is in her twenties, saying: ‘ ‘My boyfriend eats really weird things that I thought we could rate some of the stuff he ate whilst I was on holiday.’

Listing the first of the stomach-churning creations, Lucy reveals that her partner cooked an unlikely combination.

She says: ‘First up we have tomato pasta with fish fingers. It really wouldn’t be weird if he didn’t have the fish fingers. 

‘I’m going to give this a four out of 10. I mean it’s definitely edible but it wouldn’t be my choice.’

Lucy then laughs as she introduced the next meal he ate – frankfurter sausages with some tomato ketchup.

‘This is frankfurters and tomato ketchup, I did definitely had this as a snack when I was a child.

‘My mum’s dog actually has this as a snack. The plate looks so funny. But I’m going to give it a five out of 10. It’s not the worst.’

Sorry not sorry that toby carvery is a 0 🤮 the more i look at the frankfurters the more they make me laugh hahahaha #boyfriend #boyfriendpov #couplecomedy #boyfood #boydinner #girlfriendboyfriend #coupletok

Lucy then laughed as she introduced the next meal he ate – frankfurter sausages with some tomato ketchup, which she rated a five out of ten 

The TikToker then ‘saved the best until last,’ a sandwich filled to the brim with instant noodles which she ranked a zero out of ten 

It seems Lucy’s boyfriend is a big fan of fish finger pasta, as he made another version of the dish, however but this time, he ditched the tomato.

Lucy says: ‘This time though it kind of looks like a carbonara sauce. It looks like there’s bacon in it. A little bit of surf and turf. I’ve gotta give this one a three out of 10.’ 

The next dinner Lucy rates is not one her boyfriend cooked, but rather a Toby Carvery he had delivered. 

Lucy says: ‘In my eyes, Toby Carvery is a zero. I cannot get onboard with it but it does look alright. So I’m going to give it a zero. I’m sorry.’

The TikToker then reveals she ‘saved the best until last’ – a sandwich filled to the brim with instant noodles. 

‘This is a super noodle sandwich guys,’ she says. ‘It’s gotta be another zero.’

She captioned the video: ‘Sorry not sorry that toby carvery is a 0, the more I look at the frankfurters the more they make me laugh hahahaha.’

Shocked TikTok users took to the platform to discuss the combinations of food, with some supporting his choices

Baffled users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the dishes, sharing surprisingly mixed views. 

While many thought the meals looked awful, some praised the unusual creations, including one user who wrote: ‘Super noodle sandwiches are amazing!’

However, a less than impressed viewer penned: ‘What on earth are these meals.’

A third said: ‘Those frankfurters are a big NO.’  

And a fourth simply wrote: ‘That carvery looked nasty.’ 

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